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In recruitment for key positions, internal candidates are preferred. Recruitment decisions (internal or external) are based exclusively on criteria of competence and qualification for the position. The candidate’s nationality does not interfere with the decision.

Where possible, Virbac entrusts leadership positions to local managers, in order to be closer to customers and the market culture. At the same time, the group adheres to a policy of skills development at international level that enables support of managers towards international positions. In 2016, of the sixteen subsidiaries of the company, 92% of senior executives are local and seven subsidiaries have strictly local management.

Proportion of locally hired managers (in %)
Locally hired managers 2016
Animal health is at the heart of healthy ecosystems. For this reason, the Fondation d’Entreprise Virbac financed the implementation of the “Screening, control and prevention of zoonoses in the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park (Zimbabwe)” programme in 2016. The objective of this project is to improve animal health, for wild as much as domestic animals at the heart of the park’s ecosystem surrounded by Shangaan communities. The main actions carried out in 2016 include: raising awareness of zoonoses, improving livestock nutrition, vaccinating domestic carnivores against rabies, and providing safe drinking water to reduce the risk of disease transmission and conflict between humans, wildlife and domestic animals.
Virbac works with regional suppliers when their conditions are competitive and in line with the requirements of the Group’s affiliates. In 2016, the proportion of purchases made with regional suppliers amounts to 24% of total purchases. By regional supplier, Virbac means those situated in the same geographical area as the affiliate (or the industrial site) in accordance with the partition of the country concerned.
For example: for the Carros site - France, the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region; for the sites in the United States at Forth Worth and St. Louis, Texas and Missouri; for Australia, New South Wales etc.
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