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For more information about our actions in this field, please e-mail us: developpement.

Products and services

Ecotoxicity of products
Virbac carries out an ecotoxicity analysis for each of its registered products. This is validated by receipt of a marketing authorisation issued by various veterinarian medicine authorities.
Product packaging
Where possible, Virbac eliminates packaging elements, thereby reducing waste on the user side. For example, for Effipro (product no. 1 in the companion animal portfolio for Virbac in Europe) the cardboard holders in the display racks and cases have all been removed in France.
Green IT
The Group's IT team actively pursues a policy of communication systems implementation that reduces impact to the environment:
collaborative tools helping to reduce unnecessary travel (video conferencing in most subsidiaries, shared meeting spaces, instant messaging);
communication tools leading to the virtualisation of internal and external exchanges (workflow, extranet, PDA, FTP platform);
IT infrastructure reducing the material resources required (virtualisation of servers, lean enterprise resource planning, automation).
Virbac continued to encourage its teams to use video conferencing: all subsidiaries are equipped with a video conference room and personal computers can also be used for video conferencing. This policy has contributed to reducing the number of long-distance flights for Group employees (-25%).
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