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Shaping the future
 of animal health

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Focusing on animal health,
from the beginning

Virbac offers veterinarians, farmers and pet owners in more than 100 countries a comprehensive and practical range of products and services. With these innovative solutions covering the majority of animal species and diseases, Virbac contributes, day after day, to shape the future of animal health.

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Dog obesity: a complete program offered by Virbac

2019/11/15 - Products

Today 25 to 40% of dogs are overweight or obese. This is true everywhere in the world, whatever the size or breed. Since obesity can have serious health consequences, Virbac offers, in partnership with an expert in dog activity, PitPat, a comprehensive program combining a healthy diet and the measurement of the dog's activity using a device placed on its collar. Find out more about this approach that helps improve the relationship between the owner and his pet by watching the video below.

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Jean-Pierre Dick steps down from the executive board of the Virbac group

2019/11/05 - Press

Virbac has accepted Jean-Pierre Dick’s resignation from the executive board, effective November 14, 2019.

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Micro-nutrition: a key role in feeding ruminants

2019/10/15 - Products

Today, farmers have to ensure optimal farming conditions both for the animal welfare and productivity. Yet, in the lifetime of an animal or during the production cycle, there are periods where induced oxidative stress is particularly intense. In such cases, farmers have to supplement animals with trace mineral elements. To learn more about micro-nutrition, click bellow to watch the video.

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