Code of conduct
« Our culture is the foundation of our identity and a competitive advantage. »
Sébastien Huron, chief executive officer, Virbac group.

Each of us shapes it through our words and actions. Our common desire is to build a culture that fosters trust including more diversity and creating a culture in which all employees can express the best of themselves. Our company’s longevity is first and foremost based on this trust between us and with our customers and partners. To sustain it in the long term, we must make responsible choices.

We are certainly evolving in a complex, rapidly changing world, in which societal requirements and ethical dilemmas arise regularly. In this context, the proper behavior in each situation is not always clear and obvious. Our code of conduct is designed to orient us and guide our activities in an honest and exemplary manner. In helping us make the right decisions, this code enables us to take care of each other, understand our responsibilities toward others, comply with applicable rules and protect the company.

EN_Download_Btn_CoC.jpg Virbac’s confidential reporting channel

304x248-Visuel_Signalement-2024+BE.jpgWith the constant willingness to conduct our activities with honesty and integrity and create an inclusive environment in which everyone feels safe and free to speak, Virbac makes an alert system available to its employees and all its stakeholders (suppliers , subcontractors, customers, in particular):

Easily accessible and secure, this alert channel allows you to confidentially report potential violations of our Code of Conduct or misconduct involving unethical, illegal and inappropriate circumstances or behavior. This system complements existing channels and strengthens our compliance approach.

Therefore, if in the professional context, you face a situation that makes you uncomfortable, you witness a risky or potentially risky situation for you, for our employees or for Virbac, please act and speak up. 

Through this portal, you can express your concerns in good faith without fear of retaliation, even if those concerns turn out to be erroneous or unfounded. We will listen to you. We will look at each issue. We will follow a transparent process outlined on our alert portal and take appropriate action.

For more information on our alert system and its scope of application, read our FAQ.

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