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SALES 2022
1,216 M€

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2023 half year results

2023/09/28 - Financial public releases

Current operating income before R&D slightly improving throughout first half of 2023 in percentage of revenue

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Virbac launches a share buyback program

2023/08/22 - Financial public releases

Following the decision of the board of directors on June 19, 2023 and its approval by the shareholder’s meeting, we are going to buy back 100,000 of our own shares (less than 1.25% of the capital). Main objective: to decrease the company's share capital by canceling treasury shares purchased.

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2023 half-year results: publication postponed to end of September

2023/08/22 - Financial public releases

At the end of August, with our priority systems fully restored and functional following the June cyberattack, we will be able to publish our mid-year results on September 28 with a two-week delay.

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Monday October 09

SFAF meeting - 1st half 2023 financial & strategic information

From 2023/10/09

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Monday October 09, 2023

SFAF meeting - 1st half 2023 financial & strategic information

Monday October 23

2023 third quarter sales

From 2023/10/23

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Monday October 23, 2023 after market close

2023 third quarter sales
(quiet period from October 9, 2023)

Wednesday January 17

2023 fourth quarter year sales

From 2024/01/17

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Wednesday January 17, 2024 after market close

2023 fourth quarter year sales
(quiet period from January 3, 2024)

Past Events
Thursday September 28

2023 interim result

From 2023/09/28

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Thursday September 28, 2023 after market close

2023 interim result
(quiet period from August 30, 2023)

Tuesday July 18

2023 second quarter sales

From 2023/07/18

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Tuesday July 18, 2023 after market close

2023 second quarter sales
(quiet period from July 4, 2023)

Tuesday June 20

Annual sharehorders' meeting

From 2023/06/20

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Tuesday June 20, 2023

Annual sharehorders' meeting

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For more financial information