Protecting life

All forms of life are interconnected. Because of its strong interaction with humans and the environment, animal health is now at the heart of ecosystem health. Veterinarians, farmers and animal owners all have an essential role to play in preserving the planet.

The One Health approach advocates closer collaboration on a global scale between professionals in human and veterinary medicine and the environment, for a global, preventive approach to health. The principle is not limited to zoonoses, but encompasses all diseases that have an impact on public health and food safety.


As part of our commitment to advancing the health and welfare of companion animals worldwide, we support the work of the Reproductive Control Committee (RCC) of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA). Our common goal? To promote best veterinary practice in companion animal reproductive control at a global level and to ensure that veterinarians worldwide have access to the latest resources and knowledge in this rapidly evolving and key area for their health.

We are also partners of the ABCD (European advisory board on cat diseases). This group of European experts in feline immunology, vaccinology, diagnostics and clinical medicine publishes recommendations, based on the latest scientific knowledge and their own experience, which set the standard for the scientific community and veterinary practitioners. This is our way of helping to promote prevention and good management practice for the main infectious feline diseases in Europe.


Leishmaniasis, leptospirosis, rabies... At Virbac we are developing a global approach to diseases transmitted from animals to humans, combining research programmes, diagnostic solutions, prevention tools, medicinal treatment and training programmes. A case in point? Leishmaniasis, a fatal disease present in several parts of the world and affecting 2.5 million dogs in Europe alone. For the past 20 years, we have been working on a global scale to learn more about the disease and combat it.


At Virbac we support the use of antibiotics as little as possible but as much as necessary to combat the emergence of antimicrobial resistance in both humans and animals. To this end, we have set up programmes such as Teambiotics for our vets and farmers, to inform them, raise their awareness and support them in the rational use of antibiotics. We also invest in R&D to develop alternatives to antibiotics, in order to reduce their use. We do not carry out research into new antibiotic molecules, and are instead heavily involved in the development of vaccines. 

At the same time, we support the introduction of preventive protocols, based on the use of vaccines and micronutrition (trace element supplementation). Recently, we designed the first antimicrobial-free solution (antibiotic and antifungal), recommended as a first-line treatment for acute canine otitis externa in cases of microbial proliferation. Every day, our teams continue their efforts to offer vets, owners and farmers new solutions for preserving animal health, while respecting the delicate balance between man, animal and environment.

Ensuring animal welfare

Preserving the human-animal bond

Supporting sustainable farming