Our purpose


Advancing the health of animals with those who care for them every day, so we can all live better together:

this is our purpose.

It connects us to each of our stakeholders - animals, veterinarians, farmers, animal owners, employees, shareholders, distributors, suppliers, public authorities - but also to life as a whole.

Rooted in our history and values, it gives meaning to our actions and sets the course for the future. 

The health of animals is what has driven us from day one. Every morning since our founding in 1968, we've been rolling up our sleeves to develop ingenious solutions that help veterinarians, farmers and owners care for animals around the world. 

Today, the pace of change is accelerating and prompts us to innovate more and more. 

The challenges are increasingly complex and sometimes difficult to reconcile: growing concern for animal welfare, food safety and public health risks (zoonoses, antibiotic resistance) and, of course, the climate emergency. Dealing with these aspects together at the same time is the condition for all living better together on Earth.

We have always had an essential role in society. Now, more than ever, we will continue to exercise our responsibility in this constantly changing world. By remaining agile, close to our customers' needs, with the support of our R&D and production centers on different continents, we will continue to shape the future of animal health, so we can all live better together.

In order to do this, we have committed ourselves and our organization to bringing our purpose to life, with and for our stakeholders: 


chien-4.jpgIt is first and foremost for the health of pets and livestock that we are mobilized on a daily basis.   

To contribute to their health, which is a pillar of their well-being, we have chosen an integrated medical approach that promotes disease prevention and awareness of good care and farming practices. 

We also strive to develop new treatment solutions that are more respectful of the animals' well-being, biodiversity and ecosystems.


  • Investing to build and develop a comprehensive health and care offering while preserving animal welfare
  • Developing and promoting products that preserve physical integrity and respect the profound nature of animals


veto.jpgSince our creation, we have built close and unique relationships with our customers.  

Through dialogue and collaboration, we work together to 
meet their needs and provide them with lasting solutions 
that improve veterinary practice and the quality of life 
of their animals. 

Our local presence consolidates this proximity: as close as possible to the field, hand in hand with the players, we are able to identify and understand in depth the diversity of expectations. This proximity extends to accompanying all 
our customers so that they make the best possible use 
of our solutions.


  • Facilitating the geographic accessibility of our health solutions with a field and online presence
  • Regularly proposing improvements to existing products and dose regimens in order to facilitate treatment compliance to enhance their efficacy
  • Investing in R&D to find health solutions to address unmet needs
  • Providing the most complete arsenal of health solutions for veterinarians (petfood, hygiene, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, diagnosis, services)


meeting.jpgPeople are at the heart of our success. For the family business we are, it is a key element of differentiation. 

We know it is our teams that make progress in animal health. They are the ones who are committed and passionate, who break new ground, innovate and undertake. 

This is why we make sure that everyone has the means to practice their profession in complete safety and to progress in complete confidence. Today, as in the past, we are united around the structural values of diversity, conviviality and sharing, which allow everyone to flourish, in all our locations around the world.


  • Ensuring health and safety best efforts in the workplace
  • Allowing our employees to continuously develop themselves, and offer them a quality of life at work all over the world
  • Promoting diversity and fostering cross-functional collaboration to capitalize on our cultural, generational and gender differences


Actionnaires.jpgIt is precisely because our action is useful for animals, and also for society as a whole, that we can count on the commitments of our shareholders. 

Their trust is essential for us to perpetuate the entrepreneurial and family adventure of Virbac. 

As an independent company, listed on Euronext Paris, evolving in the consolidated animal health market, we must remain competitive in the short and medium term in order to build the long term.

It is our profitability that finances our innovation, commercial expenses and the investments necessary to ensure a growth higher than or equal to the leaders. In return, this growth allows us to continue to create jobs and to keep our purpose alive, in all its dimensions.


  • Delivering sustainable financial performance focused on long-term value creation
  • Conducting our business ethically and responsibly and continuing to improve our societal impact and extra-financial performance


fournisseurs.jpgOur partners - whether suppliers or distributors - are essential to our growth, operational efficiency and innovation model.

We have always been careful to select high-performance, reliable and ethical partners who share our values.

With them, it is a relationship of trust and exchange, built over the long term, and in human proximity, as always at Virbac.


  • Focusing on strategic partners selected by integrating CSR criteria and sharing our values
  • Building long-term relationships based on trust and performance
  • Boosting our footprint in major locations, which supports local economy


vivant.jpgBy advancing the health of animals, we are acting at the heart of ecosystem health.

Because all life forms are linked, interconnected. Together with our stakeholders, we are working to make people aware of this reality: we all make an impact, individually and collectively, on the health of living things. 

And it is to preserve this planetary balance that we are committed to innovating to care for animals while reducing our impact on the environment.


  • Develop our R&D investments in the fight against vector-borne and zoonotic diseases that develop with global warming
  • Working on alternatives to antibiotics to reduce the risk of antimicrobial resistance as part of a One Health approach and preserving biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Continuing to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and products from the moment they are designed and throughout their life cycle