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2023 half year results

2023/09/28 - Financial public releases

Current operating income before R&D slightly improving throughout first half of 2023 in percentage of revenue

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Nutrition: a new approach for aging cats

2023/09/07 - Products

vignette_site_corpo_HPM_K&J.jpegIn France and around the world, the medicalization of cats continues to progress, helping to increase their life expectancy. Two major pathologies affect these aging cats: chronic kidney disease and osteoarthritis. Specially adapted nutrition can help. That's why we're launching VETERINARY HPM® Kidney & Joint in Europe in September. This new nutrition program enables the combined and gradual management of chronic kidney disease and osteoarthritis, thus improving the animal's quality of life. 

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Virbac launches a share buyback program

2023/08/22 - Financial public releases

Following the decision of the board of directors on June 19, 2023 and its approval by the shareholder’s meeting, we are going to buy back 100,000 of our own shares (less than 1.25% of the capital). Main objective: to decrease the company's share capital by canceling treasury shares purchased.

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2023 half-year results: publication postponed to end of September

2023/08/22 - Financial public releases

At the end of August, with our priority systems fully restored and functional following the June cyberattack, we will be able to publish our mid-year results on September 28 with a two-week delay.

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Celebrating 30 years in New Zealand!

2023/07/21 - Press

Vignette_corpo_30ans_NZ.jpgIn June 2023, Virbac New Zealand celebrated 30 years of its commitment to animal health in Aotearoa New Zealand. All employees gathered together to mark this amazing achievement and look back on these past three decades.

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2023 second quarter consolidated sales

2023/07/18 - Financial public releases

Revenue up about 2% during the second quarter and stable at the end of June despite two unfavorable one-off effects throughout the semester

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Virbac Japan celebrates 30 years!

2023/07/07 - Press

Vignette_corpo_30ans_VB_Japon.jpgLast May, Virbac Japan employees gathered to celebrate the subsidiary's 30 years of commitment to animal health.

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Virbac reassesses its 2023 growth and Adjusted EBIT1 forecast

2023/07/03 - Financial public releases

Virbac reassesses its 2023 growth and Adjusted EBIT1 forecast

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André Mathieu appointed director of Global Industrial Operations, Supply Chain and Sourcing

2023/07/03 - Career

Mathieu_André.gifFrom July 2023, André Mathieu, appointed director of Virbac's Global Industrial operations, Supply chain & Sourcing since January 2, 2023, will join Virbac’s Group executive committee.

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Cyber attack on several sites

2023/06/27 - Press

Server_300x200.jpgThe Virbac Group was the target of a cyber attack on several of its sites worldwide during the night of June 19-20. 

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Virbac reverses canine acute otitis externa treatment habits

2023/06/15 - Products

Vignette_Corpo_Cortotic_1.jpgOtitis externa is one of the main reasons why dogs visit the vet. Highly uncomfortable and painful for the animal, their treatment has until now involved the use of antibiotics in most of the cases. Starting this June, our teams are changing the way the disease is managed, by offering a Europe-wide antimicrobial-free solution, recommended as a first-line treatment in acute canine otitis externa where microbial overgrowth.

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Virbac: Manuela Rodriguez appointed CSR (Corporate social responsibility) director

2023/05/31 - Career

Rodriguez-Manuela.gifVirbac announces the appointment of Manuela Rodriguez as CSR director, effective April 3, 2023. Her main mission will be to develop and manage the Group's CSR strategy. 

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Virbac Spain: 40 years of commitment

2023/05/15 - Press

Vignette_Corpo_40ans-VB_ES.jpgFounded in 1983, Virbac Spain, one of the Group's oldest subsidiaries, celebrated 40 years of commitment to animal health on 11 May.

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DailyDerma: a new routine for long-lasting relief for atopic dogs

2023/05/12 - Products

Vignette_Corpo_DailyDerma.pngAtopic dermatitis is an inflammatory skin disease that affects 10% of dogs1. Very disabling for the animal, it is also complex to diagnose and treat. To improve its management, our teams have developed DailyDerma: an innovative programme that brings together veterinarians and owners for better long-term management of the disease.

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Central Europe: Virbac acquires its distributor in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

2023/05/02 - Press

Corpo_VB_CZ.jpgOn May 2, we finalized the acquisition of 100% of the shares of our historical distributor in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which becomes the 35th Virbac subsidiary. Welcome!

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Dog and cat nutrition and health: Veterinary HPM® now in India!

2023/04/24 - Products

Corpo_HPM_Inde.jpgIn 2015, our Veterinary HPM® dog and cat foods made their first appearance in Europe; they are now present in more than 30 countries worldwide. In 2023, we are continuing their development in Asia: after Japan, they have been available in India since last March, providing veterinarians and owners in the country with a preventive nutrition solution that contributes to the health of domestic carnivores.

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Ireland: creation of a new Virbac subsidiary

2023/04/21 - Press

Ireland.jpgOn January 1, 2023, we finalized the creation of Virbac Ireland, our 34th subsidiary!

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2023 first quarter consolidated sales

2023/04/17 - Financial public releases

Slight decline in first-quarter revenue primarily due to a base effect as well as a context of market slowdown

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Heartworm prevention: new solution in Central & Eastern Europe

2023/04/07 - Products

Vignette_corpo_Afilaria.jpgHeartworm disease is a potentially fatal pathology affecting mostly dogs. Endemic to the Mediterranean basin, it appeared in Eastern Europe about ten years ago. Since February 2023, our teams have been offering veterinarians and owners in this region of the world a new, easy-to-use annual preventive solution to protect their pets effectively1

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Giovanni Abruzzini named president and CEO of Virbac North America

2023/03/27 - Career

Abruzzini_Giovanni.jpgVirbac announces Giovanni Abruzzini’s appointment as president and CEO of Virbac North America, effective March 27, 2023. His main mission is to lead and develop all North American Virbac activities, in line with our Group’s global strategy. 

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2022 annual results

2023/03/23 - Financial public releases

2022 current operating income on the rise at +8.3%, reflecting the momentum of our business over the year in a slowing market

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Dairy production: our teams innovate to better target the treatment of mastitis at dry-off

2023/03/21 - Products

Corpo_Smart_DCT.jpegOn February 21, our farm animals team organized a webinar attended by nearly 900 veterinarians from all over the world. The objective? To present our new Smart DCT tool, which allows a better assessment of the infectious pressure in dairy herds during the dry period. This action aims at supporting better adapted treatments and a more responsible use of antibiotics.

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Virbac advances rotavirus prevention in swine farming

2023/02/02 - Products

Vignette_corpo_suigen_rota_coli.jpgRotavirus is one of the main agents causing diarrhea in piglets1. Since December 2022, our teams have been providing industry professionals in France and Germany with the very first rotavirus vaccine registered for pigs, enabling the immunization of newborn piglets via their mother’s colostrum.

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2022 fourth quarter consolidated sales

2023/01/18 - Financial public releases

Annual revenue growth of +9.6% at comparable exchange rates and scope (+14.3% at real rates), driven by exceptional business activity in the fourth quarter

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Happy new year 2023!

2023/01/02 - Press

Discover the video on the 2023 wishes of Sébastien Huron to all the teams in the world.

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Virbac Colombia: 20 years already!

2022/12/22 - Press

Vignette_Corpo_20years_Colombie.jpgIn February 2022, Virbac Colombia celebrated its 20 years of commitment to animal health with all its employees and then, on November 4th, with the partners of its Colombian subsidiary and the Andean region, Sandrine Brunel as representative of the head office, the LatAm committee and the entire management team of Virbac Colombia & Andes.

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Taiwan: opening ceremony of a new R&D center

2022/12/19 - Press

Opening-TW-vignette.jpgOn November 30, Virbac inaugurated its new R&D center in Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park (PABP) in Taiwan which marked an important milestone for Virbac R&D.

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2023 Outlook

2022/12/19 - Financial public releases

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Great Place To Work® workshops: local practices in the spotlight!

2022/12/15 - Career

Handicap Vignette 300x200.jpgBetween May and June 2022, some thirty employees from each of our subsidiaries met for international Great Place To Work® workshops to discuss the local employee experience and best practices within certified companies. 

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A new joint supplement to help dogs remain naturally active

2022/12/15 - Products

vignette_site_corporate_Mobility.jpgMobility issues are common in dogs and can greatly impact their quality of life. To keep their joints healthy, our teams have developed MOVOFLEX®, a new joint supplement combining five ingredients, including eggshell membrane. It includes an innovative formulation, gradually available in Europe from November 2022, for a complete action that significantly contributes to improving the animal's mobility.

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