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2021 third quarter consolidated sales

2021/10/18 - Financial public releases

Excellent revenue growth of 21.2% at the end of September at comparable exchange rates and scope (+16.4% at constant rates and real scope), driven by a very solid third-quarter performance again in all areas

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Virbac and Jectas Innovators sign an agreement

2021/09/29 - Financial public releases

partenariat-jectas-vignette-corpo.pngVirbac and Jectas Innovators are proud to announce the signature of a collaborative agreement for the development of animal health vaccine(s).

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2021 half year results

2021/09/15 - Financial public releases

Significant increase in operating profit from ordinary activities for the first half of 2021 due to the sound market performance and dynamism of our business

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Aquaculture : Virbac strengthens its position in Centrovet

2021/09/13 - Financial public releases

vignette-corpo-centrovet.pngVirbac announces the acquisition of additional shares in the Centrovet group.

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Virbac is a winner of the "France recovery industry” plan

2021/07/29 - Press

vignette-site-corpo-VP.pngJuly 26, visit to Carros of the prefect for the nice region and the Public accounts deputy minister.

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2021 second quarter consolidated sales

2021/07/20 - Financial public releases

Exceptional increase in revenue in the first half of 2021, with +21.3% at comparable exchange rates and scope (+14% at constant exchange rates and actual scope), driven by very solid performance in all areas and good market dynamics

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Sustainable development: strengthened commitments!

2021/07/15 - Press

VIGNETTE-développement durable (1).jpgNew CSR indicators and GRI compliance for 10 years 

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Virbac Corporation in the USA has completed the acquisition of iVet LLC a specialty petfood company

2021/07/08 - Financial public releases

TEVI-Vignette300x200.jpgAs part of its 2030 vision, Virbac completed the acquisition of iVet LLC, a specialty petfood company. This acquisition, in addition to the portfolio of products, will bring us expertise in distribution, logistics and e-commerce which are part of the key to the success of our petfood ambition in the USA.

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Driven by very solid performance in all areas and a very dynamic market, we are raising our outlook for 2021

2021/07/05 - Financial public releases

2021 Outlook

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Virbac completes divestment of the industrial site located in Magny-en-Vexin (Paris) to Friulchem

2021/07/02 - Financial public releases

Magny_2021.jpgVirbac, today announced the successful completion of its divestment of the production plant located in Magny-en-Vexin to FC France SAS, a subsidiary of Friulchem SpA and Finest SpA. 

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Virbac: Rodolphe Durand appointed as non-voting advisor on the board of directors

2021/06/21 - Financial public releases

Durand_Rodolphe-150x200.jpgAs a non-voting advisor, his role will be mainly to support the good governance of our company by strengthening the complementarity of the skills of the board of directors.

Read more making in-clinic diagnostic monitoring even easier

2021/06/15 - Products

Speed-connect-vignette.jpgSince 2017, we have been offering European veterinarians Speed ReaderTM, an in-clinic analyzer for the determination of blood markers and a series of biomarker tests. This year, we are enriching our in-clinic diagnostic solutions with a software that allows all analyses to be collected on a single digital platform, for optimal monitoring of each animal.

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Virbac ready to sell the industrial site of Magny-en-Vexin (Paris) to the company Friulchem

2021/05/25 - Press

Magny_2021.jpgAs part of its 2030 vision, Virbac sells the ownership and activity of the Magny-en-Vexin industrial site to Friulchem, a CMO (Contract manufacturing organization) partner of Virbac for more than twenty years and specialized among others in the production of antibiotics. Following the sharp decline in demand in recent years for the type of products manufactured in Magny-en-Vexin, this option will preserve employment, the competitiveness of the site and products.

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Osteoarthritis in dogs: a new breakthrough in the treatment of pain

2021/05/12 - Press

Vignette-site-corpo-Daxocox.jpgAgreement signed for the distribution in Europe of a new weekly anti-inflammatory drug.

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A new breath for the treatment of respiratory diseases in livestock

2021/04/22 - Products

Vignette-site-corpo-SV.jpgRespiratory diseases are one of the most common pathologies affecting cattle and swine: all over the world, they are responsible for a high mortality rate in herds and significant economic losses. At Virbac, we support a reasonable use of antibiotics by using new technologies to help veterinarians and farmers make the right treatment decision at the right time and improve dosage and traceability.

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2021 first quarter consolidated sales

2021/04/15 - Financial public releases

Very strong growth in revenue in the first quarter of 2021 at +22.6% at comparable exchange rates and scope (+12.3% at constant rates), driven by very solid performance in all areas

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Aquaculture : Michael Fontaine appointed technical and development director

2021/04/15 - Career

MFontaine.jpgOur new Group aquaculture technical and development director joins Virbac as of April 1, 2021 to accelerate our development in this promising sector.

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2020 annual results

2021/03/17 - Financial public releases

2020 current operating income showed strong growth (+37.6% at constant rates and scope), reflecting the excellent evolution of revenue (+5.7% at constant rates and scope) and a sharp decrease in expenses in the context of the Covid-19 crisis

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Companion animals: Virbac takes over assets from Elanco

2021/03/01 - Press

Information following the approval of the European competition authoritiesvirbac-08-03-2018_300X200.jpg

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Algenex and Virbac sign international commercial licensing agreement for CrisBio®-based vaccine in major swine indication

2021/02/24 - Press

Vignette-Site-corpo-CP-Algenex.jpgFind out the press release issued on February 23rd.

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Virbac Opens Its First Research And Development Center Dedicated To Warm Water Aquaculture

2021/02/23 - Press

VATC_vignette_site-corpo.jpgToday, we are inaugurating our first research and development center dedicated to warm water aquaculture in the Dong Nai province in Vietnam. Aquaculture is a rapidly growing sector, particularly in Asia, and provides an answer to the problems of feeding a world population that could reach 9 billion people in 2030. True to our mission to work for animal health, we continue to invest in order to offer new solutions for more sustainable aquaculture.

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Gaia Index: Virbac progresses in the ranking!

2021/02/12 - Press

Gaia-index-vignette-site-corpo.jpgWe are improving our presence in the ranking of the 70 French companies with the best ratings in terms of social and environmental responsibility.

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2020 fourth quarter consolidated sales

2021/01/19 - Financial public releases

2020 annual revenue shows strong growth of +5.7% at constant exchange rates and scope (+3.2% at constant rates) 

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Virbac and Symbiocelltech sign exclusive option agreement to develop novel technology for treatment of type 1 diabetes in companion animals.

2021/01/13 - Press

CP_Diabte_Vignette-Site-corpo.jpgDiscover the press release issued on january 12th

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Our new solution for the treatment of canine mast cell tumors available soon for american veterinarians

2020/12/21 - Products

CP_US_vignette_site_corporate.jpgOn November 16, 2020 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted approval of our new treatment against canine skin tumors. With this approval, we bring U.S. veterinarians a true innovation in canine oncology and a new option to manage mast cells tumors, the most common skin cancer diagnosed in dogs.

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Happy season’s greetings!

2020/12/18 - Press

Discover the video of Sébastien Huron, chief executive officer of the Virbac group, for the end of the year 2020.

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2020: discover 2020 overview!

2020/12/11 - Press

Ensuring the safety of our employees and maintaining our business essential to the animals' health. These are the two major challenges met in 2020 facing an unprecedented health crisis. We would like to share with you the panorama of this exceptional year on video.

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Animal Needs Are Evolving, And So Are Our Health Solutions!

2020/11/26 - Products

STELFONTA.jpgThe longer life span of pets goes hand in hand with the increase in geriatric diseases, particularly the number of cancers being diagnosed. Since the beginning of 2020, we have been offering European veterinarians an innovative treatment solution that specifically targets mastocytomas, the most common form of canine skin cancer.

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2020 third quarter consolidated sales

2020/10/14 - Financial public releases

Revenue grew +6.8% at constant exchange rates and scope at the end of September 2020 (+5.6% at constant rates) thanks to solid third quarter performance

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Virbac governance evolution

2020/10/13 - Financial public releases

Virbac will change its governance at its shareholders' meeting on December 15

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Virbac partners with Ictyogroup to bring new aquaculture solutions

2020/09/17 - Press

Ictyogroup_site_corporate_300x200.jpgFull details of this new partnership can be found in the joint press release issued on September 15.  

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2020 half year results

2020/09/16 - Financial public releases

Operating profit from ordinary activities up sharply for the first half of 2020 reflecting revenue resiliency and strong expenditure restraint during the Covid-19 crisis

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2020 second quarter consolidated sales

2020/07/20 - Financial public releases

Revenue grew by +5.0% at constant exchange rates in the first half of 2020 (+4.5% excluding Sentinel), impacted by a decline in the second quarter of the year

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We can all enhance our pet’s dental hygiene

2020/07/15 - Products

By 2 years of age, 70% of cats and 80% of dogs have some form of dental disease (Niemiec BA., 2008). Dental care prevention is key to avoid serious and painful disorders that can affect pets’ overall health and lifespan. Let's discover together in this video how we can improve our four-legged companions’ dental hygiene!

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Divestment of US rights

2020/07/02 - Financial public releases

Virbac completes divestment of U.S. Rights to SENTINEL® brands to MSD Animal Health

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Foster a responsible use of parasiticides

2020/06/24 - Products

7.7 billion people on Earth, half live with pets. Every day, dogs and cats are exposed to unwanted parasites, vectors of various diseases that can affect their health and sometimes our own. We are all part of the same ecosystem. Protection against parasites is therefore a necessity that imposes to find the right balance between the health of animals, humans and their environment. That’s why our solutions allow veterinarians and owners to adapt protection to the specific parasite risk of each animal so that, all together, we can contribute to a responsible use of parasiticides.

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Manage your dog's behaviour & fertility

2020/06/12 - Products

In a growing number of countries, companion animals are considered to be sentient beings that are a part of the family. Although sterilization is sometimes necessary, the methods to manage dogs’ fertility and unwanted behaviours are changing to take societal expectations into consideration.

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Virbac Oncology Summit: veterinarians mobilize around the treatment of canine skin tumors

2020/05/13 - Press

VOS-vignette-300x200.jpgOn April 24, more than 350 veterinarians and experts attended our first scientific summit dedicated to veterinary oncology. Thanks to this exclusive online event, European and North American practitioners have been able to discover the latest scientific data and a new treatment option of canine mast cell tumors.

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Signing of an agreement

2020/05/13 - Financial public releases

Virbac to divest U.S. Rights to SENTINEL® brands to MSD Animal Health

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Carros: one of our worldwide production site of dog and cat vaccines will be stopped for at least 6 weeks

2020/05/04 - Press

BIO.jpgSince April 11, 2020, following an underground pipeline rupture, our Bio4 dog and cat vaccine production site has been shut down. We expect to resume operations in June, after a refurbishment allowing the resumption of manufacturing under GMP (Good manufacturing practice) rules.

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2020 first quarter consolidated sales

2020/04/15 - Financial public releases

2020 first quarter revenue rose by +14.3% at comparable exchange rates, significantly impacted by anticipatory buying

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Covid-19: Virbac teams mobilized

2020/03/27 - Press

Covid19-vignette.jpgSince the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, numerous measures have been taken around the world to protect the health and safety of our employees and ensure the continuity of our commitment to animal health.

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Imago: a promising first assessment

2020/03/19 - Press

Today, more than ever, we are striving to make our animal health solutions even more accessible to veterinarians, farmers and animal owners around the world. This is why in 2019, we launched a pilot program in France to transform our industrial activities. A great adventure for our teams, who are mobilising all their know-how to continue to develop the Virbac production sites in terms of performance, safety and quality. Watch the 2019 achievements in video.

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2019 annual results

2020/03/16 - Financial public releases

2019 operating profit from ordinary activities on the rise

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Pebble Labs and Virbac announce the signing of a comprehensive commercial agreement for aquaculture disease prevention

2020/03/11 - Press

Pebble Labs vignette.jpgFind out the press release dated March 9.

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2020/02/26 - Products

Neonatal gastroenteritis is the leading cause of calf mortality before the age of one month and causes significant losses to farmers. With our Calf Care Solutions program, we work with veterinarians and farmers to adopt a comprehensive calf health management approach that integrates diagnosis, prevention and care. Our goal is to share our tools and technical knowledge to more effectively manage on-farm diarrhea episodes through sustainable farming practices that respect animal welfare.

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Asia: better meeting tomorrow's food needs

2020/01/30 - Press

Vignette-300x200.jpgEnd of November, the Virbac teams shared for one day the groundbreaking ceremony of a new research & development center in Taiwan. This site will be dedicated to the support of aquaculture and swine farming activities in Asia.

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Virbac opens a new path in the treatment of canine skin tumors

2020/01/20 - Products

STELFONTA.jpgThrough its partnership with QBiotics, Virbac is providing veterinarians in Europe with a breakthrough injectable solution to treat mastocytoma in dogs. With this new treatment, the Group once again demonstrates its commitment and ability to offer innovative solutions for the advancement of veterinary science.

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2019 Annual consolidated sales

2020/01/16 - Financial public releases

2019 annual revenue shows strong growth of +6.6% at constant exchange rates

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Happy new year!

2020/01/06 - Press

Sébastien Huron, chairman of the executive board of the Virbac group, wishes a happy new year for 2020 through a video.

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The Group raises the 2019 annual outlook

2019/12/20 - Financial public releases

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Mexico: Virbac supports young French companies

2019/12/05 - Press

Vignette-Partenariat-Mexique-300x200.jpgAs part of the French Fab mission lead by the French public investment bank (Bpifrance), Virbac sponsors a support mission in 2019 for young French companies wishing to establish themselves in Mexico.

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An extra help for dogs’ relaxation and mobility

2019/11/26 - Products

Vignette_veggiedent.gifBehavior disorders and joint problems are common in dogs and can affect their quality of life and their relationship with humans. With multifunctional chews, pet owners now have an easy to give solution to support their pet’s overall health and wellness, while acting on their dental hygiene.

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Dog obesity: a complete program offered by Virbac

2019/11/15 - Products

Today 25 to 40% of dogs are overweight or obese. This is true everywhere in the world, whatever the size or breed. Since obesity can have serious health consequences, Virbac offers, in partnership with an expert in dog activity, PitPat, a comprehensive program combining a healthy diet and the measurement of the dog's activity using a device placed on its collar. Find out more about this approach that helps improve the relationship between the owner and his pet by watching the video below.

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Jean-Pierre Dick steps down from the executive board of the Virbac group

2019/11/05 - Press

Virbac has accepted Jean-Pierre Dick’s resignation from the executive board, effective November 14, 2019.

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Micro-nutrition: a key role in feeding ruminants

2019/10/15 - Products

Today, farmers have to ensure optimal farming conditions both for the animal welfare and productivity. Yet, in the lifetime of an animal or during the production cycle, there are periods where induced oxidative stress is particularly intense. In such cases, farmers have to supplement animals with trace mineral elements. To learn more about micro-nutrition, click below to watch the video.

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2019 third quarter consolidated sales

2019/10/11 - Financial public releases

Solid +8.4% growth in revenue at constant exchange rates at the end of September, 2019

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Virbac Mexico celebrates 30 years

2019/10/11 - Press

30Vignette.jpgThis year marks the 30th year of Virbac’s iconic Latin American subsidiary, and they wished to celebrate the past thirty years of innovation and dedication to animal health along with their employees and customers on October 5, 2019. With a unique vision aligned to the Virbac Group’s values, the company has always taken its environmental impact and its social responsibility towards employees to heart.

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Stock exchange: Virbac again in the SBF 120

2019/09/19 - Financial public releases

Following the quarterly review of its indices, the Paris stock exchange operator, Euronext, includes Virbac in the CAC Mid 60 and SBF 120 as from 23 September.

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2019 half year results

2019/09/16 - Financial public releases

Operating profit on the rise in the first half of 2019

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China: a new technology to support dental hygiene in dogs

2019/09/05 - Products

Lancement Chine vignette 300x200.jpgA major concern for pet owners, bad breath can disrupt the close bond between pet and owner and signal deeper health issues. In 2019, for the first time ever in China, Virbac introduced dental care solutions that include FR3SH™ technology to target the oral and digestive causes of bad breath.

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Newcomers digital programme: a better way of sharing the corporate culture

2019/08/02 - Career

Digital Newcomers 300x200.jpgIn early June, Virbac launched a digital program dedicated to all new employees. Objective: within the first weeks of their arrival, build a common foundation of knowledge about the Group, its operations and its corporate culture.

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Cyrille Petit appointed as a member of the Virbac supervisory board

2019/07/18 - Financial public releases

Cyrille Petit.jpgVirbac announces the arrival of Cyrille Petit as a member of the supervisory board as of June 18, 2019. In addition, on the audit committee he will replace Olivier Bohuon, who is also a member of the supervisory board.

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2019 second quarter consolidated sales

2019/07/16 - Financial public releases

2019 first half-year revenue grew by +6.6% at constant exchange rates

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Turkey: the first veterinary vaccine against canine leishmaniosis

2019/07/10 - Products

CaniLeish Turquie 300x200.jpgIn Turkey, the prevalence of canine leishmaniosis can reach 25% in some regions, especially around the Mediterranean basin. To face this zoonosis that is currently under-diagnosed by veterinarians and misunderstood among Turkish owners, Virbac has made available, since March 2019, CANILEISH®, the first veterinary vaccine to prevent this disease.

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Sustainable development: an ever-greater commitment

2019/06/06 - Press

DPEF Vignette 300x200.jpgAs part of its 2018 annual report, Virbac published its first non-financial performance statement in April. This document marks a new stage for the Group, who is reinforcing its commitments to sustainable development.

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Vietnam: a sustainable collaboration with farmers

2019/05/21 - Press

Husbandry Club Vignette 300 x 200.jpgEnd of 2018, the Virbac Husbandry Club in Vietnam, which helps pig and poultry farmers tackle local animal health issues, celebrated 10 years of activity. This 10th anniversary is a testament to the Group’s drive to carry out sustainable actions that promote improvement in farming conditions.

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Disability: fostering job retention

2019/04/18 - Career

Handicap Vignette 300x200.jpgAs part of its diversity policy, Virbac has been conducting concrete actions for the recruitment, better integration and job retention of workers with disabilities since 2014 in France.

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2019 first quarter consolidated sales

2019/04/11 - Financial public releases

2019 first quarter revenue rose by +10.9% at comparable exchange rates

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United Kingdom: the Veterinary HPM™ campaign wins an award!

2019/04/05 - Products

Mid-March, Virbac was rewarded in the United Kingdom for its digital Veterinary HPM campaign by the VMA (Veterinary marketing association), which annually celebrates the best marketing initiatives in the field of animal health.

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Innovation: the Smart Cap “all in one” is rewarded again!

2019/03/20 - Press

Each year, the ADF Paris awards honor the packaging innovations of the global aerosol and dispensing industries. Last January, the Virbac Smart Cap "all-in-one", already awarded in 2018 by Pharmapack, received the prize for the best innovation in the "Pharmacy" category.

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2018 annual results

2019/03/18 - Financial public releases

2018 operating profit from ordinary activities grew by 13.4%

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Dogs’ dental health: an online awareness campaign that really bites!

2019/01/31 - Products

At the end of 2018, Virbac launched an online campaign in North America encouraging owners to consult their veterinarian about their dog’s dental health. It included a humorous video broadcasted on social networks, featuring a rubber toy that hates being chewed by a dog with bad breath.

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2018 Annual consolidated sales

2019/01/17 - Financial public releases

2018 annual revenue grew by +4.5% at constant exchange rates

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François Fournier named president and CEO of Virbac North America

2019/01/16 - Career

Fournier_François.jpgVirbac announces François Fournier’s appointment as president and CEO of Virbac North America, effective January 7, 2019. His main mission is to lead and develop all North American Virbac activities, in line with the Virbac Group’s global strategy.

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Happy new year!

2019/01/10 - Press

Sébastien Huron, chairman of the executive board of the Virbac group, wishes all the best for 2019 through a video.

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Virbac websites: make the access to information easier

2018/12/21 - Press

vignette.jpgIn 2018, several Virbac websites were revamped: new contents, new design, new functionalities… all these changes aim at creating a better user experience.

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United States: in-house manufacturing of Virbac flagship parasiticide

2018/12/06 - Products

In August, the FDA approved the transfer of production to the Virbac St. Louis site (Missouri) of a parasiticide for dogs acquired by the company at the beginning of 2015. The complexity of the industrial extrusion process required all the skills and attention of the American subsidiary and the Group's Production/Quality teams for nearly three years.

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A better dental care for an optimal dogs’ health

2018/11/22 - Products

VEGGIEDENT 200.jpgBad breath is a common complaint of dogs’ owners but it can also be a sign of periodontal or digestive issues that can be painful for the pet. Thanks to a new formula, the C.E.T® VEGGIEDENT® FR3SH dental chews tackle the oral causes of bad breath and help to restore the animal's intestinal balance while freshening its breath. Available since 2018 in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Japan, they will gradually be present around the world in 2019.

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Gaïa Index: Virbac ranked again in 2018!

2018/11/13 - Press

Virbac_Certificat_GaïaRating_2018_CA_Sup500.jpg (Présentation PowerPoint)In 2018, Virbac is part of the Gaïa Index, which recommends the 70 French companies with the best ratings in terms of social and environmental responsibility among a panel of 230 firms. Virbac has made a significant improvement of 14 places in the overall ranking compared to 2017.

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Turkey: Virbac closer to the field

2018/10/23 - Press

Turquie_Vache.jpgAfter a twenty-year presence in Turkey through a local distributor, Virbac is creating its 33rd subsidiary there. The objective: closer proximity in order to better respond to the expectations of animal health players.

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2018 third quarter consolidated sales

2018/10/11 - Financial public releases

Revenue grew by +5.5% at constant exchange rates at the end of September 2018

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2018 half year results

2018/09/17 - Financial public releases

Operating profit up sharply in the first half of 2018

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2018 second quarter consolidated sales

2018/07/17 - Financial public releases

Revenue grew by +4.3% at constant exchange rates in the second quarter of 2018

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Virbac wins the Pharmapack Award with its “all-in-one” Smart Cap

2018/06/12 - Press

Pharmapack_599X400.jpgAfter five years of research and development, Virbac teams have developed Smart Cap, dedicated to extracting liquid products. This patented innovation benefitting animal health, which combines ergonomics and safety, was recognized in early 2018 with a Pharmapack Award.

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Virbac United States announces Eric Bonner as vice president of Industrial Operations

2018/04/17 - Career

Eric Bonner-resize200x259.pngVirbac United States announced that Eric Bonner has been named vice president of Industrial Operations.

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Supporting farmers to better manage swine reproduction

2018/04/12 - Products

Virbagest-resize200x133.JPGOne of the present challenges of swine producers is finding solutions that preserve farm productivity while reducing the use of antibiotics. In Europe, Latin America and Asia, Virbac is assisting veterinarians and farmers with technical solutions and on farm training that focus on prevention and are based on a good reproduction management.

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2018 first quarter consolidated sales

2018/04/12 - Financial public releases

2018 first quarter revenue rose by +3.3% at comparable exchange rates

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Webcast 2017 annual results

2018/03/19 - Financial public releases

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2017 annual results

2018/03/14 - Financial public releases

Operating profit from ordinary activities 2017 comparable to 2016

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Facilitate diagnosis to better care for the animal

2018/02/28 - Products

Speed-Reader-200X300.JPGSince 2017, Virbac has been offering veterinarians Speed ReaderTM, a blood marker dosage analyzer with a series of biomarker tests. Usable directly in-clinic, these newest additions to the diagnostic range facilitate screening of common diseases in cats and dogs and ensure better monitoring of the animal.

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Healthy cows make better milk!

2018/01/17 - Products

Maintaining good health and welfare of cows is central to Virbac's approach of dairy production. Virbac created a specific program for professionals of dairy farming called Target 150. This program aims at bringing global & integrated solutions and protocols for a better and more sustainable production of milk. Developed in close cooperation with worldwide known experts, Target 150 ™ encourages prevention and answers the main problematics of the 150 critical days of production cycle of the dairy cows. As an essential part of the program, the second Virbac Dairy Symposium was organized in September 2017 to contribute strengthening the skills of dairy farming professionals and prepare them to the emerging technologies of tomorrow.

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2017 Annual consolidated sales

2018/01/16 - Financial public releases

Annual sales comparable to 2016 at constant exchange rates after strong fourth-quarter growth

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Happy new year!

2018/01/08 - Press

For 2018, find out the video wishes from Sébastien Huron, new chairman of the executive board of the Virbac group.

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Sébastien Huron officially takes office as chairman of the Virbac group executive board

2017/12/21 - Career

Sébastien Huron.jpgYesterday, Virbac’s supervisory board officially appointed Sébastien Huron as chairman of the Group’s executive board. Sébastien Huron succeeds Éric Marée, chairman of the executive board for the past 18 years, who has retired. 

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China: Virbac acclaimed by the largest pet owners community

2017/12/05 - Press

Goumin-_affiche_Chine.jpgIn August 2017, Virbac was awarded pet owner favorite brand for cat health care by, the largest online Chinese pet owner community. 

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Aquaculture: Virbac postpones its option to buy Centrovet for three years

2017/11/22 - Financial public releases

By mutual agreement, Virbac and the other shareholders of Centrovet have decided to postpone the option to buy the Chilean aquaculture specialist for three years, under the same pricing conditions.

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ADULT WITH SALMON NEUTERED & ENTIRE CAT received a rating of 17.5/20 from INC - 60 Millions de Consommateurs french magazine June 2017 issue

2017/11/21 - Products

product-cat-neutered-entire-adult.pngTwo years after its launch, with a rating of 17.5/20, the VETERINARY HPM® Adult with salmon neutered & entire cat is one of the ‘best choices’ amongst thirteen dry cat foods (kibbles) tested by the INC (Institut National de la Consommation [French National Institute for Consumer Affairs]). This rating makes up for several years of development.

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New solutions to fight against leishmaniosis in Brazil

2017/11/17 - Products

leishmaniose.jpgThe treatment of dogs infected with leishmaniosis has been authorized in Brazil since 2016. Thanks to its publicity campaigns and its treatment solution introduced in January 2017, Virbac is contributing to the fight against this disease which, on a world scale, touches about 1 million of humans. 

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2017 third quarter consolidated sales

2017/10/12 - Financial public releases

Virbac: quarterly sales affected by distributor destocking in the United States

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VETERINARY HPM dietetic: a new generation of nutrition for cats and dogs

2017/10/06 - Products

VETERINARY HPM™ dietetic is a new generation of nutrition for cats and dogs with health problems, created by staying close to the nutritional requirements of carnivores, respecting the nutritional requirements of carnivores. These foods should be recommended by the veterinarian depending on the animal's health problem. A veterinarian's option should be sought before use. Available since spring 2017 in European veterinary clinics, the VETERINARY HPM™ dietetic range will also be launched in Latin America (Mexico, Costa Rica and Chile) by the end of the year.

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Virbac group: Solène Madelpuech joins the supervisory board

2017/09/22 - Financial public releases

Madelpuech_Solene.jpgOn September 5, 2017, Virbac’s supervisory board co-opted Solène Madelpuech into the supervisory board as a new member. On the same day, Jeanine Dick, aged 81, announced her resignation. 

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Virbac appoints Sophie Favini as executive vice-president of US commercial operations

2017/09/14 - Career

Sophie-Favini-1.jpgVirbac announces the appointment of Sophie Favini as executive vice-president of US commercial operations. Based in Fort-Worth (Texas), she is effective in her role since July 13, 2017. Sophie Favini is now in charge of leading, developing and overseeing all US Sales, Marketing and Technical Services functions in order to increase the business activity of the subsidiary.
Virbac also announces the appointment of Colin Meyers as vice-president of sales. These two appointments will help Virbac achieve a sustainable growth in the US. 

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2017 half year results

2017/09/11 - Financial public releases

Slight increase in first half results

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Calf Health: Virbac boosts its expertise

2017/08/10 - Products

vaches-veau.jpgWhether in the meat or dairy industries, quality production requires animals that are healthy from birth onward! With this in mind, Virbac has been progressively rolling out a complete Calf health management program in Europe since 2016. 

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2017 second quarter consolidated sales

2017/07/17 - Financial public releases

Virbac: second quarter sales growth largely offsets the decline in the first quarter

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Virbac group: Sébastien Huron will become the new chairman of the executive board as of December 2017

2017/06/23 - Career

Virbac has announced the supervisory board’s intention to appoint Sébastien Huron as chairman of Virbac’s executive board, as of next December, when the mandate of the current chairman of the executive board, Éric Marée, expires. 

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Virbac signs a research agreement with Bio-Gene

2017/06/16 - Press

Bovin_photo.jpgBio-Gene announces collaboration agreement with Virbac for development of FLAVOCIDE™ as an insect control agent in ruminants. 

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Effipro® Duo: treat and prevent flea and tick infestations

2017/05/31 - Products

In May 2016, European practitioners (France, UK and Austria) discovered Effipro® Duo, a new parasiticide used to treat and prevent tick and flea infestations in dogs and cats. The advantages of this product described by the Global Marketing manager parasiticides.

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Virbac appoints Frédéric Jodogne as Corporate Industrial Operations director

2017/05/19 - Career

Frederic_Jodogne.jpgVirbac announces the appointment of Frédéric Jodogne as Corporate Industrial Operations director. Based in Carros, he is effective in his role since April 3, 2017. He is in charge of implementing, organizing and leading supply chain and industrial strategies of the Group. 


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Launch of the VETERINARY HPM™ Dietetic range in Europe!

2017/05/10 - Products

couverture_HPM-1.jpgFollowing the launch of the VETERINARY HPM™ physiological range in 2015, Virbac started from March 1st the launch of VETERINARY HPM™ dietetic for dogs and cats in Europe. A complete range still close to the nutritional requirements of carnivores and associated to the "Veterinary global care", a new global nutritional approach.

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Virbac United States selects KC Animal Health Corridor for North American distribution center

2017/05/04 - Press

The Virbac American subsidiary decided to gather its distribution operations in Hunt Midwest SubTropolis (Missouri). The new center should be operational until the end of the year.

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2017 first quarter consolidated sales

2017/04/12 - Financial public releases

First quarter 2017 sales down, strongly impacted by stock effects in the distribution in the United States

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VETERINARY HPM® Adult Small & Toy: a rating of 16.4/20

2017/04/04 - Products

product-dog-smallandtoy-adult.pngThe product VETERINARY HPM® Adult Small & Toy has received a rating of 16.4/20 from the independent French consumer association UFC-Que Choisir. The cited product has been qualified as one of the “best choices” amongst the twenty complete dog foods that were tested. 

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Supporting innovation through public research

2017/03/31 - Press

Public_research.jpgPublic-private transfer (TPP). Behind this acronym lies the possibility for French companies to develop partnerships with French and European public research organizations. This opportunity for innovation was seized on by Virbac in 2009 and presented by the public research partnerships manager. 

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2016 annual results

2017/03/13 - Financial public releases

Strong rebound in profitability in 2016  

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e-visit: always closer to veterinarians

2017/02/27 - Press

Ee-visite.jpgIn September 2016, on the initiative of the IT department, e-visits first appeared amongst the sales force in France. The purpose: allow greater reactivity from regional technical managers to questions from veterinarians. Explanations on this European-scale project by the market manager for Virbac France.

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Argo Navis: now 100% operational

2017/02/14 - Press

ArgoNavis_Ext.jpgAt the end of September, 2016, all activity at the Mayas factory in Mexico was transferred to the new industrial site of Argo Navis. A look back on this major project and the challenges it presented with the Virbac Mexico Industrial director.

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2016 Annual consolidated sales

2017/01/17 - Financial public releases

Annual sales growth of 4.5%, at constant exchange rates

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Jesse Mark Chellan appointed general manager of Virbac RSA

2017/01/04 - Career

Chellan_Jesse.jpgVirbac announces the appointment of Jesse Mark Chellan as general manager of Virbac RSA. Based in Johannesburg, he is effective in his role since December 1, 2016. He will be responsible for the development and execution of the long term business strategy for both South Africa and for the export regions of Southern and Sub-Saharan Africa.

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St. Louis: lifting of the Warning Letter for the Virbac production site

2016/12/16 - Financial public releases

Virbac announces that it has received from the Food and drug administration (FDA) a communication confirming the lifting of the Warning Letter received in December 2015 for its St. Louis production site (Missouri, USA).

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Argo Navis becomes Virbac’s new production site in Mexico

2016/11/23 - Press

ArgoNavis.jpgXavier Montat, general manager of Virbac Mexico since last year, announces the transfer of all production operations to the Argo Navis site in Guadalajara. This relocation marks the completion of the project launched in 2011 to support the strong growth of the Virbac Mexican subsidiary.

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2016 third quarter consolidated sales

2016/10/13 - Financial public releases

Sales grow by 3.2% at the end of September at constant rates

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"Factories and Men" Exhibition: Virbac at the forefront!

2016/10/08 - Press

Affiche Virbac JCDecaux_134.jpg14 September 2015, Paris. The "Factories and Men" operation is being organised by 'Mouvement des entreprises de taille intermédiaire' (METI), an organisation which represents intermediate-sized businesses in France. The project began with a preview at the Petit Palais, and METI has organised a series of events which will take place until the end of 2015 with the aim of spotlighting the best of French industry. Thirty five businesses, including Virbac, are taking part. 

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Virbac China, still one step ahead

2016/09/29 - Products

CHIEN.jpgSince 2012, Virbac has maintained a presence in China through a commercial subsidiary that now has about thirty collaborators. How is the subsidiary adapting to this ever-changing market? Answers by the subsidiary general manager.

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2016 half year results

2016/09/19 - Financial public releases

Growth of half-year results

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USA: Virbac launches of unique canine joint health supplement

2016/09/19 - Products

MOVOFLEX-soft-chews.pngOn March 8, 2016, Virbac US announced the launch of the latest advancement in canine joint health supplementation, MOVOFLEX™ Soft Chews. Formulated with a unique and proprietary blend of ingredients, MOVOFLEX™ Soft Chews provide comprehensive canine joint support in a once-a-day palatable soft chew.

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Marie-Paule Porte appointed Group general counsel at Virbac

2016/08/30 - Career

Marie-Paule_Porte.jpgVirbac announces the appointment of Marie-Paule Porte as Group general counsel. Member of the strategic committee and the Comex France, in charge of legal matters at a global level, she provides support to the executive board and area directors in relation to strategic decisions they take.

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Sustainable development: a new step

2016/07/28 - Press

Dev-Mag.pngIn its 2015 report, Virbac adopted the most recent version of the GRI standard for sustainable development. The reasons behind this change and the related benefits explained by Éric Marée, chairman of the executive board.

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2016 second quarter consolidated sales

2016/07/18 - Financial public releases

Sales growth by 3.6% at constant exchange rates in the first half

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Habib Ramdani appointed chief financial officer at Virbac and member of the executive board

2016/06/29 - Career

Ramdani_Habib.jpgVirbac announces the appointment of Habib Ramdani as chief financial officer. Appointed to the executive board on June 23, 2016, Habib has overseen all financial activities of the Group since taking office on May 2, 2016, reporting directly to Éric Marée, chairman of the Virbac group executive board.

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Ary Rodrigues appointed general manager for Virbac in Brazil

2016/06/14 - Career


Virbac announces the appointment of Ary Rodrigues as general manager of Virbac do Brazil. Since January 2016, Ary’s main missions are to develop and implement long term commercial strategies, increasing market share and search of new business opportunities and services that can generate sustainable growth for Virbac in Brazil.

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Andres Engelbreit appointed Latin American area director for Virbac

2016/05/09 - Career


Virbac announces the appointment of Andres Engelbreit as Latin American area director as of January 1, 2016. In conjunction with the business development, innovation and global marketing teams, Andres Engelbreit’s missions are to increase the Virbac’s market share in Latin America and improve its profitability in the area in a lasting way. He has been a development director in the area since 2012.


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USA: Virbac launches a new dental Diagnostic Test

2016/05/02 - Products

OraStrip-CET.pngOn March 1, 2016, Virbac US announced the launch of the C.E.T.® OraStrip® Dental Diagnostic Test (currently distributed in the USA), the first and only test in the animal health market that detects periodontal infection in dogs, providing visual test results to support veterinarians’ dental treatment recommendations and enhance client compliance.

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2016/04/22 - Products

Virbac has been distributing the parasiticide medicines Activyl® and Activyl® Tick Plus in Europe since January 1, 2016. The integration of these two medicines in the parasiticide product portfolio fulfils Virbac’s wish to offer complementary solutions to veterinarians.

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2016 first quarter consolidated sales

2016/04/13 - Financial public releases

Sales in the first quarter 2016 : return to organic growth

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USA: Virbac creates 144 jobs in Bridgeton, Missouri

2016/04/13 - Press

Virbac is investing $37.9 millions in its production site in Bridgeton, Missouri.

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Instrucciones: a new high quality facility

2016/03/17 - Press

Instrucciones Bat.jpg (TRIPTICO PLANTA Instrucciones web)A 3,600 m² space dedicated to production! At the end of September the new Instrucciones site was opened in Uruguay, with a special emphasis on quality. An introduction to this leading edge facility by the subsidiary’s general manager.

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2015 annual results

2016/03/14 - Financial public releases

2015 annual results heavily impacted by the United States

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New tagline: Virbac shows its ambition!

2016/03/12 - Press

web_sign.jpgShaping the future of animal health”. This is now Virbac's new tagline, replacing “Passionate about animal health”, launched in 2001.
What message does this new slogan convey? Answers from Sandrine Brunel, head of Corporate Communications.

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VETERINARY HPM: Virbac’s new generation Pet food!

2016/03/01 - Products

HPM-CHAT-300X200.jpgVirbac commercializes a new hyper premium nutritional concept for dogs and cats! 

Over the last months, Virbac has progressively launched its new range Veterinary HPM™ for cats and dogs in more than ten European countries (Denmark, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Spain…).

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VDS: Virbac's commitment to the dairy sector

2016/02/20 - Press

VDSAt the beginning of October the GMBO (Global Marketing) organized the first Virbac Dairy Symposium in France, attended by experts from the dairy sector and Virbac staff from all over the world. Fabrice Payot, Global Marketing manager on the dairy cattle segment, explains the objectives of this major event. 

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Colombia: vaccines for companion animals, a dominant position

2016/02/03 - Products

VaccinColombie.jpg26%. This is 2014 Virbac Colombia's market share on the dog and cat vaccines segment. This figure is evidence of the success that the subsidiary has met with in this fast-growing sector. The story of a lightningfast journey by colombian Marketing manager.

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Changing views on disability

2016/01/20 - Career

picto-handicap.jpgAs well as gender equality, age equality, now it's the turn of disability.
As part of its diversity policy in France, at the end of 2014 Virbac signed an agreement with its social partners on this important theme within the company. Details of the content of this agreement with the diversity manager for France.

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2015 Annual consolidated sales

2016/01/14 - Financial public releases

Annual sales growth of 10.2%, driven by exchange rates and acquisitions

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New Zealand: Thrilling challenges ahead

2015/12/11 - Products

VirbacNZ.jpgNew premises, dairy crisis, market concentration... 2015 is marking a turning point for the subsidiary in New Zealand. How are such evolutions to be tackled? Answers from general manager of the subsidiary.

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Jules Minke joins Virbac as biological R&D director for the Group

2015/11/06 - Career


Virbac announces the appointment of Jules Minke as Group biological Research and Development director. Jules Minke’s main task going forward is to coordinate and supervise all R&D activities and global teams involved in Virbac’s biological projects. He will also monitor regulatory activities in this area.

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2015 third quarter consolidated sales

2015/10/15 - Financial public releases

Virbac : sales grow by 5.5% in the third quarter

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2015 half year results

2015/09/15 - Financial public releases

Half-year results  heavily impacted by the United States

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Virbac appoints Steven Buchholz vice president, Quality & Compliance in the USA

2015/09/08 - Career


Virbac announced that Dr. Steven Buchholz has been appointed to the position of vice president, Quality & Compliance of Virbac U.S.

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Virbac appoints Francesca Cortella as head of group Human Resources department

2015/08/03 - Career


Virbac has announced the appointment of Francesca Cortella as head of its group Human Resources department. Francesca Cortella will join the Strategic Committee and Executive Committee for France. 

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2015 second quarter consolidated sales

2015/07/16 - Financial public releases

Virbac : sales grow by 18.1% in the first half

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Augmented reality: Virbac, the UK pioneer!

2015/07/03 - Products

Illustration realite augmentee.pngNovember 2014, London. For its use of augmented reality technology Virbac UK is awarded the Best Large Stand award for the most innovative stand. Just a gadget or a genuine opportunity for improved communication? Some answers from the companion animal business unit director of the subsidiary.

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Group's perspectives for 2015 impacted by the industrial situation in the United-States

2015/06/23 - Financial public releases

Group’s perspectives for 2015 impacted by the industrial situation in the United-States

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2015 first quarter consolidated sales

2015/06/15 - Financial public releases

Sales growth of 17.1% in the first quarter

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Newcomers international: the platform for Virbac culture

2015/05/26 - Career

170. This is the number of newcomers joining Virbac subsidiaries who, since 2009, have taken part in the induction programme organized at headquarters by the Corporate Communications, in addition to local sessions. What are the benefits of this programme? Answers from the internal communications manager.

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PEA-PME eligibility of Virbac

2015/03/24 - Financial public releases

Virbac, listed on Euronext Paris

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2014 annual results

2015/03/16 - Financial public releases

Results grow in 2014 following a strong second half

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2014 Annual consolidated sales

2015/01/15 - Financial public releases

Sustained growth in the fourth quarter

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St. Louis: to better serve product innovation

2015/01/09 - Press

st-louis.jpgVirbac United States inaugurates the April 20th, 2014 a new building for its R&D activities. With which objectives? The answers from R&D vice-president of the American subsidiary.

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Virbac announces the closing of the SENTINEL® brands family acquisition in the United States

2015/01/05 - Financial public releases

Virbac announces the successful closing on January 2nd of its agreement with Eli Lilly and Company to acquire two major parasiticides for dogs in the United States: SENTINEL® Flavor Tabs® and SENTINEL® SPECTRUM®, marketed up to now by Novartis Animal Health.

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Companion animals in Russia: a new start

2014/12/01 - Products

chien-cortavance.jpgApril 2014, Moscow. At Russia's largest veterinary congress, Virbac launched Cortavance, a corticoid for the treatment of inflammatory dermatosis in dogs. A major step forward for the companion animal portfolio in this country. Explanations by the Rest of Europe product manager.

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Virbac Mexico: Virbac increases its global production capacity with its new site

2014/11/18 - Career

Mexico_Virbac.jpgFollowing the opening of the new Virbac 8 site for production of sterile injectable forms at Carros near Nice, Virbac is unveiling the production site at Guadalajara (Mexico), which also specialises in sterile injectable forms.

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Take your talent into new territories

2014/11/17 - Career


Formalize an employer message to support the company's international growth. This is the objective of Virbac. Details from the Head of Corporate Human Resources.

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Browse Plus: a promising acquisition

2014/11/01 - Products

chevre.jpgAfter Multimin in 2011, Virbac RSA finalized in 2012 the acquisition of the worldwide rights to Browse Plus, a nutritional supplement for food producing animals and leader on the South African market since 1994. This acquisition by Dayle Sinclair, product manager.

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Virbac agrees to acquire veterinary assets from Eli Lilly in the United States

2014/10/27 - Financial public releases

Virbac announces that it has entered into an agreement with Eli Lilly and Company to acquire major United States veterinary products currently marketed by Novartis Animal Health. Eli Lilly has agreed to divest these U.S. assets in connection with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s review of Eli Lilly’s pending acquisition of Novartis Animal Health worldwide.

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2014 third quarter consolidated sales

2014/10/16 - Financial public releases

Confirmation of the rebound of growth in the third quarter

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2014 half year results

2014/08/29 - Financial public releases

Half-year results impacted by foreign exchange and the low level of activity in the United States

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Anti-parasite treatment for cattle: Virbac awarded three prizes for its innovative Flexibag® and FarmPack® products

2014/08/01 - Products

flexibag-farmpack.jpgIn 2014, the innovative Flexibag® and Farmpack® products from Virbac were awarded three prizes: the 'Janus de la Santé' award for an environmentally-friendly design, the Pharmapack award and a "Sommet d’Or" award. In Flexibag® and Farmpack®, Virbac offer the first truly successful ergonomic design for simplified anti-parasite treatment of cattle and sheep, one which also improves productivity in the stock-rearing sector.

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Chronic kidney disease: Pronefra is different

2014/07/31 - Products

pronefra.jpgFranceGermanySwitzerlandPortugalAustriaUnited Kingdom and Scandinavia. These were the first European countries to launch Pronefra in the first half of 2014. A presentation of this food supplement by the global marketing manager supportive care & topical hygiene.


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2014 second quarter consolidated sales

2014/07/17 - Financial public releases

Organic growth of 3% in the first half

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Annual report 2013 available

2014/04/30 - Financial public releases

The annual report of the fiscal year ending at December 31, 2013 of Virbac is available:
  • download HERE (or in Investors > Financial reports > 2013);
  • or on request, under legal and regulatory conditions.


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PEA-PME eligibility of Virbac

2014/04/23 - Financial public releases

Virbac, listed on Euronext Paris

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2014 first quarter consolidated sales

2014/04/15 - Financial public releases

Organic growth of +4.3% in the first quarter

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Australia: developing the ruminants vaccines of the future

2014/03/24 - Products

ruminant.jpgViva VIVID! summer 2013, Virbac Australia opened a new R&D centre in Penrith surrounded by those involved in the local animal health industry. A key event for the development of the subsidiary’s biological activity in food producing animals. Explanations by Robert Dempster, the local RDL manager.

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2013 annual results

2014/03/19 - Financial public releases

Current operating profit increases by 6.9% in 2013

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Virbac & V.I.E.: a win-win contract

2014/02/03 - Career

In five years, the number of V.I.E. (Volunteer for international experience) contracts at Virbac has more than doubled. How is this trend explained? Explanations of the HR generalist in charge of recruiting the V.I.E. for the Company.

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2013 Annual consolidated sales

2014/01/16 - Financial public releases

Rebound of growth in the last quarter

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Dental: digital serving Europe marketing

2014/01/14 - Products

evds.pngMay 2013, Prague. In partnership with the European Veterinary Dental Society, Virbac is launching the e.VDS, an application for evaluating animal dentition (scoring) and developing knowledge for veterinarians all over the world. A look at the tool’s functionalities and objectives with Alain Mondon, Global Marketing manager, companion animals parasiticides.

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2013 third quarter consolidated sales

2013/10/17 - Financial public releases

Slight rebound of organic growth in the third quarter

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2013 half year results

2013/08/30 - Financial public releases

Slight increase of the current operating profit in the first half of 2013

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Brazil: Effipro set for a promising future

2013/08/20 - Products

effipro.pngIn summer 2012, Virbac Brazil launched Effipro, a fipronil-based external parasiticide for dogs and cats. After a year of marketing, sales are good. A look at this success with Daniela Baccarin, product manager.

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2013 second quarter consolidated sales

2013/07/18 - Financial public releases

Sales growth of 9.4% in the second quarter

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Diversity: a well established policy

2013/06/01 - Career

Interview with the Human Resources and diversity manager.

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Neonatal calf diarrhoea in Europe: reference rapid in-practice diagnostic test improved

2013/05/03 - Products

veau.jpgThe successful management of an outbreak of neonatal calf diarrhoea relies on the individual treatment of sick animals and the prevention of disease transmission. In this context, identification of the pathogens involved enables the vet to select the most appropriate treatment and prophylactic measures for each case.

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2013 first quarter consolidated sales

2013/04/16 - Financial public releases

Sales growth of 3.6% in the first quarter

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2012 annual results

2013/03/11 - Financial public releases

A 15.8% net profit increase in 2012

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Electronic identification: 1st mini polymeric transponder in Europe

2013/02/10 - Products

cat-backhome.jpgFaithful to its strategy of continuous innovation, this year Virbac is launching the 1st mini polymeric transponder in Europe (FranceNetherlandsGermanyAustriaBelgium), the BackHome® Biotec Slim Transponder.

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2012 annual consolidated sales

2013/01/17 - Financial public releases

Sales growth of 11.5% in 2012

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Virbac becomes a leader of the Aquaculture Health Market

2012/11/23 - Financial public releases

VIRBAC announces the signing on November 23d, 2012 of an agreement by which the Group is acquiring a majority stake in CENTROVET, the leader of the animal health market in Chile. This transaction will allow VIRBAC to become a key player in a fast-growing segment of the veterinary market: products used for protection and treatment in aquaculture breeding. 
According to this agreement, VIRBAC has purchased 51% of the shares of the CENTROVET Group from its shareholders and will have the option to acquire the remaining capital stock at the end of a five year period. The transaction is effective as of the date of signing.

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Gender equal opportunity: an agreement signed

2012/11/01 - Career

Virbac signs an agreement in France for gender equal opportunity in June 2012. An initial action which resulted in the diversity policy launched in 2011. Details of this agreement with the corporate reward manager.

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2012 third quarter consolidated sales

2012/10/18 - Financial public releases

Steady growth of sales in the third quarter

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United States: two promising products

2012/10/15 - Products

chien-dev-durable-2011.jpgRilexine and Suprelorin F: two products launched in the American market mid 2012 thanks to the hard work of the Virbac US R&D teams to adapt the registration dossiers. A look at the challenges with Craig Parks, R&D vice-president.

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VSA: improving the effectiveness of the sales force

2012/10/10 - Career

Virbac signs an agreement in France for gender equal opportunity in June 2012. An initial action which resulted in the diversity policy launched in 2011. Details of this agreement with the corporate reward manager.

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Recruitment: enhancing support for managers

2012/10/01 - Career

Last September, twenty managers took part in a “successful recruitment” training session at headquarters organised by the Human Resources department. Objective? Share the different stages of the recruitment process. Explanations from the Talent manager.

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2012 half year results

2012/08/31 - Financial public releases

Strong growth of half-year earnings

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2012 second quarter consolidated sales

2012/07/19 - Financial public releases

Continued solid sales growth in the second quarter

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2012 acquisition

2012/06/25 - Financial public releases

Virbac acquires STOCKGUARD in New-Zealand

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Canine osteoarthritis: Virbac expands its product range in France

2012/06/01 - Products

inflacam.jpgSince June 2012, Virbac France has offered a long-term treatment that aims to reduce inflammation and pain for dogs with acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders. This medicine adds to Virbac's canine osteoarthritis range which now provides comprehensive care for canine osteoarthritis.

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