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2024 second quarter consolidated sales

2024/07/16 - Financial public releases

Exceptional first-half momentum (+16.2% at constant exchange rates) driven by all regions

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Virbac announces executive management changes

2024/07/08 - Press

Virbac-siège.jpgSébastien Huron leaves the company, Habib Ramdani takes over while the Group recruits its next chief executive officer

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Guidance update for 2024

2024/07/08 - Financial public releases

Exceptional first-half growth and guidance raised for 2024

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Virbac finalizes minority shares’ acquisition of Globion, an Indian poultry vaccines specialist

2024/07/02 - Financial public releases

Virbac finalizes minority shares’ acquisition of Globion, an Indian poultry vaccines specialistOn June 21, we finalized the acquisition of Globion's minority shares, bringing our stake to 100%. As planned, this transaction follows the acquisition of a 74% majority stake concluded on November 1, 2023.

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Our food evolves to better support the oral health of small dogs

2024/06/19 - Products

Vignette_corpo_HPM_S&T.jpgSmall dogs suffer up to five times more oral disease1 than other dogs. To nourish them while taking care of their oral health, our teams have reformulated our Veterinary HPM Small & Toy food. Launched in Europe in June, the new formula now includes a natural ingredient with proven efficacy against plaque, tartar, bleeding gums and bad breath.

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Europe: experts meet to talk about canine mobility

2024/06/17 - Products

Vignette_corpo_symposium_movoflex.jpgIn June, 10 European veterinary experts in canine mobility met in Nice to share with our teams their experience and knowledge on canine mobility disorders.

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Companion animals: first reproductive control guidelines presented!

2024/05/30 - Products

Vignette_corpo_webinar.jpgOn April 17, our teams, in collaboration with recognized experts, organized a webinar dedicated to the first WSAVA guidelines on reproductive control for dogs and cats. More than 6,000 veterinarians from around the world expressed interest in this important animal health topic.

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Latin America: supporting good canine vaccination practices

2024/05/28 - Products

vignette_corpo_webinar_immuno.jpgMore than 3,500 veterinarians in South America registered for the webinar our teams organized last April. Our goal: to share the latest recommendations on canine vaccination from the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA). 

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Europe: our commitment to fight canine leishmaniosis continues

2024/04/19 - Products

Vignette_corpo_Leish.jpgFor more than 20 years, our teams have worked to combat this zoonotic disease that threatens the health of dogs and humans alike. In 2024, we continue to work to bring diagnostic, prevention and treatment solutions to veterinarians and dog owners in endemic areas. Our latest stop is France, which will host the Animal Leishmaniosis International Veterinary Event in Nice in April.

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2024 first quarter consolidated sales

2024/04/16 - Financial public releases

Building on the momentum of the second half of 2023, strong first-quarter revenue growth of +10.8% at constant exchange rates

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Virbac acquired Sasaeah, a leading animal health player in Japan.

2024/04/02 - Financial public releases

Sasaeah.jpgOn April 1, we successfully completed the acquisition of Sasaeah. This strategic acquisition brings Virbac a leadership position in the farm animal vaccines market in Japan, notably in the cattle segment, and a large portfolio of pharmaceutical products for all the major species.

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Asia: our teams support growth in canine dermatology

2024/03/28 - Products

DAILYDERMA IN ASIA.jpgAs in other parts of the world, around 10%1 of dogs in Asia suffer from atopic dermatitis. Since 2022, our teams have been stepping up their efforts to develop our global DailyDerma program in the region. The goal? To better help Asian veterinarians optimize their dermatology practices and improve the management of skin diseases, especially complex atopic dermatitis. 

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2023 Annual results

2024/03/19 - Financial public releases

●    Revenue up 4.9%, enabling market share gains despite difficulties in 2023

●    2023 operating profitability1 at an all-time high of 23.2% of revenue
     ○ Up 0.4 points compared to 2022 

●    Strong momentum expected in 2024
     ○  Expected revenue growth of 4% to 6% at constant exchange rates and scope
     ○  Operating profitability1 expected to rise by 0,5 point


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Europe: new prevention solutions for swine farming

2024/03/07 - Products

Swine_vaccination.jpgOne year after the launch of Suigen Rota Coli, our teams in France and Germany are now offering a second vaccine for swine, Suigen APP 2,9,11. This new vaccine complements our solutions for the prevention of major swine diseases, helping farmers to better control the health of their farms.

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Virbac to take a leading position in Japan through the acquisition of Sasaeah

2024/03/06 - Financial public releases

Sasaeah.jpgVirbac announces that it has signed a definitive agreement with ORIX Corporation for the acquisition of its animal health subsidiary Sasaeah for an enterprise value of approximately €280 million.

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Virbac: Olivier Charmeil co-opted by the board of directors

2024/01/24 - Career

Olivier_Charmeil_150x200.jpgVirbac announces the appointment of Olivier Charmeil as a new member of the board of directors with effect from December 21, 2023. He replaces Olivier Bohuon, permanent representative of OJB Conseil, within the board of directors and the appointments and compensation committee. 

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Virbac shampoos for dogs and cats get a makeover!

2024/01/23 - Products

shampoos.jpgOur range of dermatological (AKI) and hygiene (Allerderm) shampoos has been redesigned to limit ecological impact and simplify use for pet owners. The new packaging is now made from recycled plastic, while the innovative formulations, which have been constantly improved over the last few decades, remain unchanged.

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2023 fourth quarter consolidated sales

2024/01/17 - Financial public releases

Annual revenue growth of +4.9% thanks to record fourth-quarter activity at +11.5%

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Happy New Year 2024!

2024/01/08 - Press

Discover the video of Sébastien Huron's wishes to all Virbac teams worldwide.

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Outlook 2023-2024

2023/12/19 - Financial public releases

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Dog and cat nutrition: the beginnings of a new approach in China

2023/12/14 - Products

HPM_China.jpgAvailable in five major Chinese cities since last October, our Veterinary HPM® physiological foods are the only ones in the country to be distributed exclusively in veterinary clinics. This is a novel approach in the region, in line with our medical and scientific approach to animal nutrition. 

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Pets: a step towards more reasoned pest control

2023/11/23 - Products

Vignette_corpo_Lets_do_it_smart.jpgBecause we are all part of the same ecosystem, parasite control is a necessity which must be carried out while preserving the delicate balance between the health of animals, humans and their environment. With “Let's do it smart”, we provide veterinarians with the tools they need to tailor the solution to the animal's specific needs, thus contributing to a more reasoned use of parasiticides. 

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Companion animal vaccines: a state-of-the-art production line installed in France

2023/11/17 - Press

Savannah_Corpo.jpgA new filling line has been installed in Carros, marking the beginning of the transformation of our production system.

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France: Virbac certified as an Authorized Economic Operator

2023/11/10 - Press

OEA-Vignette.jpgAt the end of October, the French Customs Department awarded our Group the status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO): a European customs seal of approval, recognized on the international scene.

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Virbac Uruguay celebrates its 10 years and builds a new factory

2023/11/03 - Press

Vignette_corpo_Uruguay (1).jpgOn October 17, Virbac Uruguay celebrated 10 years of commitment to animal health in Montevideo. On this occasion, the foundation stone for our new viral antigen plant was laid in the presence of the President of the Republic of Uruguay. 

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Virbac acquired a majority stake in Globion, a leading Indian poultry vaccines specialist

2023/11/02 - Financial public releases

Acquistion_Virbac_octobre_300x200.jpgOn November 1, we successfully finalized the acquisition of a majority stake in Globion. This transaction will bolster our position of animal health leader in India by extending Virbac India’s existing poultry portfolio to the growing segment of avian vaccines. 

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2023 third quarter consolidated sales

2023/10/23 - Financial public releases

Revenue growth at the end of September at +2.8% at constant exchange rates and scope thanks to a strong activity rebound in the third quarter (+7.8% at constant exchange rates and scope).

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USA: Virbac innovates for the treatment of Giardia duodenalis infections in dogs

2023/10/18 - Products

Eradia.jpgOn October 11, 2023, the U.S. Food and drug administration (FDA) approved our solution for the treatment of Giardia duodenalis infections in dogs.

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Dog oral health: an effective solution against plaque and tartar

2023/10/13 - Products

Vignette_corpo_vetaquadent_study.jpgA study published in September 2023 has scientifically demonstrated that Vet Aquadent® FR3SH is an effective option to help maintain dogs' oral health after professional dental cleaning.

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Virbac will enter the fast-growing poultry vaccines segment in India

2023/10/09 - Financial public releases

Acquistion_Virbac_octobre_300x200.jpgVirbac announces the signing of an agreement to acquire Globion, a leading Indian poultry vaccines specialist. This transaction will bolster our position of animal health market leader in India by extending Virbac India’s existing poultry portfolio to the growing segment of avian vaccines.

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