Around the world every day, more than 400 Virbac employees direct all their energy towards optimizing today’s products and creating the products of the future. Virbac innovation is structured into specialized sectors (companion animals, ruminants, aquaculture, swine) to facilitate development of products for the world from the outset.

Furthermore, Virbac R&D centers are located on five continents. This extensive presence not only provides proximity to production centers (thus facilitating the development of pilot batches), but also allows to be as responsive to the needs of veterinarians, farmers and animal owners as possible, particularly for farm animals, for which regional specificities (diseases, farming methods, regulations, etc.) are more pronounced. These sites have multidisciplinary teams and cutting-edge technological facilities (analytics, formulation, etc.) dedicated to those studies needed to demonstrate product quality, safety and efficacy.

Lastly, in several countries and regions, Virbac has units dedicated to national or regional registration of new products developed in R&D centers and to monitoring regulatory compliance of marketing authorization files following product modifications (process and production site, improvement in the quality of active ingredients, etc.) or changes to the best practices in force.


France - Carros
  • Biological and pharmaceutical projects for companion and farm animals
  • Development of projects for the entire world, particularly in collaboration with the United States and Japan for companion animals
Australia – Penrith & Milperra
  • Biological and pharmaceutical projects mainly for ruminants (specialized in bovine & ovine)
  • Development of local projects and collaboration in joint projects with Latin America and South Africa

Mexico - Guadalajara
  • Pharmaceutical projects for farm animals
  • Development of projects for Latin America, Asia and South Africa
United States - St. Louis
  • Projects of non pharma-regulated products for companion animal
  • Development of local projects and projects for Europe
Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City
  • Pharmaceuticals and probiotics projects for farm animals (swine, aquaculture)
  • Developments of projects for the continental Asia
Taiwan - Pingtung
  • Biological projects for farm animals (swine, aquaculture)
  • Development of projects for Asia and Latin America
Chile - Santiago
  • Biological and pharmaceutical projects for all animal species, particularly aquaculture
  • Development of projects for Latin America
Uruguay - Montevideo
  • Biological projects for ruminants
  • Development of projects for Latin America
China - Jinan city
  • Pre-development and development of pharmaceutical products
  • NPR development support