CSR strategy and indicators


1 scope: includes Chile as of 2022 for Environment, health and safety indicators
2 vaccines, immunological and biopharmaceutical products
3 2022 value updated to take into account self-consumed renewable energy (former value: 83,246 MWh)

Methodology note
The year 2018 serves as a reference year to assess the achievement of the quantified objectives as reflected in the facts and figures above. Some indicators may fluctuate depending on the activity; they are detailed in the following pages, if necessary. This report was prepared in compliance with Global reporting initiative (GRI) standards: essential compliance option. These standards have been adopted since 2011. For animals used in quality control, the 2018 base is 36,361. The 2022 social scope covers 18 countries and represents 4,894 employees, or 91% of the total workforce. The scope of the principal environmental indicators covers the main production sites, which represented 59% of the Group’s revenue in 2022: South Africa, Australia, the United States, France, Mexico, New Zealand, Uruguay, Vietnam and Chile. The latter was not in scope in previous years. RDL: Research & Development + Licensing.