Our governance is based on principles that contribute to maintaining the balance required for the Virbac group’s performance and successful development.

Separation of powers and collegiality
Since December 2020, we have adopted an organization integrating a general management and a board of directors, today the most common form of governance for French listed companies. This organization meets the desire to establish a balance of power between the executive and supervisory functions. It involves a regular and effective dialogue between the general management and the board of directors, as well as mutual trust.

Collegiality is a key organizational principle in our governance. The operation of these two entities, the board of directors and the general management is based on the search for a position shared by their respective members and on collective decisions, the result of genuine teamwork. This organization guarantees efficiency and responsiveness while being in line with the governance codes in force and in particular the Afep-Medef Code, which we use as a reference to regularly improve our practices in this area.

Committed and experienced management
Our governance is based on focused governing bodies, composed of members with a strong and long-term level of commitment. Their professional experience covers many of the aspects involved in the day-to-day management of a major international group. All but one of the board of directors are senior executives with extensive operational management experience of international companies. 

The members of governing bodies, whether the board directors or the general management, are committed to providing sustained support for the group’s long-term strategy. Moreover, the involvement of the board of directors members and the non-voting advisors is not limited to their participation in formal board debates. It also takes the form of regular informal discussions and periodic ad hoc meetings if circumstances so require.