Over 30 years of experience in animal nutrition
  1. 1989

    Nutrition for cats and dogs integrates our global approach to animal health
    Convinced that health begins with nutrition, Pierre-Richard Dick, veterinarian and founder of Virbac, buys Imperial Dog, a manufacturer of dog food founded by veterinarian Jean Cathary in the heart of the Camargue natural park, in France. While throughout the world, animal nutrition is still often modelled on human nutritional reflexes, we make it a key element of our global approach to animal health. 

  2. 1990

    Our food appear in French veterinary clinics
    Since the beginning of the 1990s, we have been present in French veterinary clinics. Practitioners and pet owners then discover Imperial dog, followed by Imperial cat (1997), our first formulas developed to accompany cats and dogs throughout their lives. A few years later, Virbac Consult diet is born, bringing together specific formulations for animals with health problems.

  3. 1997

    After France... Europe!
    As experts in the health and well-being of cats and dogs, veterinarians have always been at the heart of our approach to animal nutrition. This is why, whatever the country, our foods are from the start distributed in the veterinary circuit. Since 1997, they have been sold to clinics in a growing number of European countries. 
    1997 : Finland
    1999 : Austria, Portugal and Switzerland
    2000 : Belgium

  4. 2001

    Animal nutrition knowledge evolves, and so is our food!
    Vet Complex succeeds to Imperial dog. With their dog (2001) and cat (2003) formulas, our new physiological and dietetic recipes are enriched with nutrients which contribute to the health of the animal. Our dietetic range of food then allows us to answer 80% of cats and dogs’ health problems. In parallel, our production teams perfect their manufacturing techniques and in 2003, our production unit in Camargue obtains ISO 9001 quality certification.

  5. 2005

    Our food crosses European borders 
    The need for quality food for cats and dogs is growing worldwide. Throughout the 2000s, we responded by supplying a growing number of European countries year after year, and from 2005, we took our first steps in the Middle East and Asia. 
    2002: Poland
    2003: The Netherlands
    2005: Spain, Israel and Japan
    2006: Bulgaria
    2009 : Great Britain and Lebanon

  6. 2010

    New innovation impulse
    We are strengthening our team of experts in animal nutrition to go further in taking into account the nutritional needs of animals. They all work together to design and develop feeds that provide more protein and less carbohydrate. Their commitment and know-how will give birth, five years later, to our new Veterinary HPM® range.

  7. 2011

    Our cats and dogs food reaches Latin America
    Throughout the decade, our food continues to expand in Europe and enters Latin America.
    2011: Hungary, Mexico and Costa Rica
    2012: Denmark and Romania
    2014: Tunisia

  8. 2015

    A key innovation to better meet the nutritional needs of carnivores
    After 5 years of development, our Veterinary HPM® cats and dogs foods make their first appearance with physiological formulas for small and large dogs and for sterilized cats and dogs. Formulated with respect for the nature of domestic carnivores following the low-carbohydrate, high-protein concept (90% of which is of animal origin), they were completed two years later by a dietetic range of foods to meet the nutritional needs related to specific health disorders.

  9. 2016

    Our food is acclaimed by cat and dog owners
    Veterinary HPM® Adult Small & Toy is tested by France's leading independent consumer association, UFC-Que Choisir. It receives a score of 16.4/20 and is rated as one of the "best choices" among the twenty complete dog foods. In 2017, Veterinary HPM®Adult with salmon neutered & entire cat also receives a score of 17.5/20, making it one of the "best choices" of the thirteen dry cat foods analyzed by the French National Consumer Institute (INC).

  10. 2017

    Our dog and cat food is also available online
    While the practitioner remains, as in our origins, at the heart of our approach to animal nutrition, we are adapting to the new needs of pet owners. Starting in 2017, we are opening our first online stores, first in Japan and then in Germany, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Denmark and Sweden.

  11. February 2022

    Veterinary HPM® now in the USA
    In the United States, nearly 90% of cats and dogs are spayed or neutered. The resulting metabolic changes can increase the risk of obesity. From February 2022, we are offering U.S. owners our specially formulated foods to meet the nutritional needs of spayed and neutered pets and combat excess weight.

  12. March 2022

    New wet diets for cats
    Cats lower urinary tract diseases are common and sometimes serious. That's why we've developed two new Veterinary HPM® wet foods formulated to help cats stay hydrated and maintain their urinary health - available since March 2022.

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