The LinkedIn Virbac page allows you to learn more about our company and our activity dedicated to animal health. 

As on all social networks where Virbac is present, your comments on our news and the ensuing exchanges are very useful to contribute to monitoring our activity and refining the relationship with our stakeholders. These exchanges must nevertheless respect the company's values, the applicable laws and regulations in force, in particular in the context of our animal health activity.

By contributing to our page, you agree to the terms of use and moderation rules defined below. In the event that a comment is non-compliant with the regulations and our below mentioned principles, the user making the post will be asked to change or delete the content in order to stop the violation. In case of non-modification or lack of deletion, the post will be removed from our LinkedIn page within 24 hours. Through moderation, our goal is not to censor, but to ensure an open and constructive dialogue in compliance with these expectations applicable to this page.


LinkedIn terms of use and respect of the company's values apply to our page. 

All comments with the following characteristics will be deleted (non-exhaustive list), some of which are punishable by law:

  • aggressive, obscene, menacing comments; and/or any kind or offensive terms that refer to specific ethnic, racial, religious, age or gender orientation group;
  • comments in violation of copyrights or any other intellectual property rights or which constitute a passing off or which is against the applicable competition law; 
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  • spams or any other means dedicated to cause technical issues on this page;
  • advertising comments. 

ooperate fully with law enforcement authorities or any court order requesting or directing us to disclose the identity of anyone posting or transmitting such information.


Reference to a pharmaceutical product

Posts quoting the name of a veterinary drug, whether this product belongs to our company or to a third party, whether the post is positive or negative, are prohibited. They are contrary to pharmaceutical law in force, which prohibits, in particular, any direct or indirect advertising of prescription drugs to the general public. Posts offering medical advice or opinions are also prohibited, as the veterinarian is the primary contact for these questions of pets owners. 

Whenever possible, the modification of such a post (removal of the mention contrary to the regulations) will be asked to the author of the post, in case of non-modification by the author, the post will be deleted within 24 hours. 

Adverse event reporting

In case you want to report a product quality defect, an adverse event or in case of a technical enquiry associated with a Virbac’s product, please contact us at pharmacovigilance@virbac.com.