2023/08/22 - Financial public releases

2023 half-year results: publication postponed to end of September

At the end of August, with our priority systems fully restored and functional following the June cyberattack, we will be able to publish our mid-year results on September 28 with a two-week delay.

Following the cyberattack that targeted us on June 19, exceptional measures were immediately taken to contain it and a crisis unit including experts dedicated to cybersecurity was set up to assess the impact on our systems and quickly organize the remediation operations necessary for the continuity of our activities. This attack led to a temporary slowdown or interruption of some of our services: consequences which were nonetheless contained thanks to the responsiveness and mobilization of our teams.

The remediation continued over the summer and to date, we have restarted the critical and important applications while having further strengthened our IT infrastructures. This allows us to operate our priority processes normally again at all of our sites around the world.

These operations have made it possible to gradually restore fully functional financial systems and we will be able to publish our half-year results on September 28 (the presentation of the accounts and the detailed half-year financial report will, for their part, be published on October 6).