2015/03/24 - Financial public releases

PEA-PME eligibility of Virbac

Virbac, listed on Euronext Paris

VIRBAC, listed on Euronext Paris (ISIN code FR0000031577), confirms on the basis of datas related to the last approved accounting period as of december 31, 2014, its compliance with PEA-PME (stocks savings account specialized in small and mid-sized business enterprises) eligibility criteria as specified in the enforcement decree of March 4, 2014 (decree No. 2014-283) for the application of article 70 of the law No. 2013-1278 of December 29, 2013. The criteria are as follows:

  • the company has less than 5,000 employees and;
  • the company has an annual turnover of less than 1.5 billion euros or a total balance sheet of less than 2 billion euros.

Shares of VIRBAC may thus be incorporated into PEA-PME accounts, dedicated to financing Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) and Mid-Sized Companies (ETI), which may benefit from the same tax advantages as the traditional Equity Saving Plan (PEA).

This new savings account for European issuers must include 75% of equities from small and medium size companies, of which 50% in shares, without exceeding 75,000 euros.