2021/09/29 - Financial public releases

Virbac and Jectas Innovators sign an agreement

partenariat-jectas-vignette-corpo.pngVirbac and Jectas Innovators are proud to announce the signature of a collaborative agreement for the development of animal health vaccine(s).

Sébastien Huron, chief executive officer, Virbac group:We, at Virbac, are happy to initiate this exciting collaboration with Jectas, a leading company in antigens and adjuvants cutting-edge manufacturing  technologies. Such alliance is part of our strategy in animal health biology leading to new products and fulfilment of growing market needs.” 

Takeshi Arakawa, chief executive officer of Jectas Innovators:Jectas is highly interested in this worldwide agreement with Virbac, a leading company in animal health with a proven track record in vaccines. We are proud of having our technology recognized and developed with Virbac in new vaccines.

About Jectas Innovators
Focusing on molecular design for vaccine antigens

Jectas is a university startup company established in the year 2011 on the campus of the University of the Ryukyus (a national university of Japan in Okinawa) with the aim of proposing state-of-the-art vaccine technology. We are especially dedicated at designing recombinant protein molecules to cope with the most demanding needs through vaccine design at molecular levels and to prove the usefulness of this concept for host defense. Our innovation is largely based on protein engineering, notably through the amino acid substitution, protein domain exchange, grafting the whole protein molecules or domains on heterologous scaffold proteins, or the combination of these strategies to maximize the immunogenicity and the vaccine efficacy of given antigens. Through these innovative strategies we develop vaccine antigens to be used for the improvement of animal as well as human health.