2020/10/13 - Financial public releases

Virbac governance evolution

Virbac will change its governance at its shareholders' meeting on December 15

Virbac will amend its articles of association at an extraordinary shareholders' meeting to be held in December to transform it into a company with a board of directors, the most common form of governance for French listed companies. 

It is expected that the board of directors, whose appointment will be submitted to a vote of the shareholders, will appoint Marie-Hélène Dick-Madelpuech as chairman of the board of directors and Sébastien Huron as Chief executive officer.

"This evolution gives us the opportunity to create a Group management committee made up of seven members that will strengthen the continuity and sustainability of our operational governance through greater diversity and a better distribution of roles and responsibilities, made all the more necessary as Virbac grows and develops throughout the world " says Sébastien Huron, chairman of the executive board.