2022/12/15 - Products

A new joint supplement to help dogs remain naturally active

vignette_site_corporate_Mobility.jpgMobility issues are common in dogs and can greatly impact their quality of life. To keep their joints healthy, our teams have developed MOVOFLEX®, a new joint supplement combining five ingredients, including eggshell membrane. It includes an innovative formulation, gradually available in Europe from November 2022, for a complete action that significantly contributes to improving the animal's mobility.

Several factors can contribute to mobility issues: aging, obesity, congenital malformations or joint lesions but also a predisposition of certain breeds of dogs (labradors and German shepherds for example). Their management is usually a lifelong commitment, involving a multimodal approach. 

Mobility issues affect at least 1 in 5 dogs

Key elements to help keep the joints healthy and the dog’s mobility include  a healthy lifestyle from an early age, with regular moderate exercises. An adapted diet associated with specific elements, known as chondroprotective agents, can also have beneficial effects on joints. 

Chondroprotective agents are joint supplements that help protect the cartilage in order to delay its degradation. They can usually be administered over long periods of time without side effects and help bring resistance and flexibility to the joints, for a better quality of life of the animal. They have a basic action to promote the synthesis of the cartilage matrix and, depending on the components used, can also inhibit the action of degradation factors. 

A new comprehensive approach to joint micronutrition, for a better quality of life

For a complete protective action, chondroprotective agents must combine the contribution of several types of essential nutrients. However, conventional ones only provide a few components. That’s why, for MOVOFLEX®, our teams have worked on a new formulation combining 5 key ingredients to offer dog owners a complete solution, combining a broad spectrum and rapid action, as well as ease of use. 

The key ingredient of this new generation of chondroprotective agents is eggshell membrane, a compound particularly rich in collagen, elastin and peptides, which provides the components necessary for the endogenous synthesis of the various elements of the joint to help maintain its properties of resistance to compression, elasticity and flexibility. Its beneficial action on the cartilage and dog’s mobility make it the flagship element of our new comprehensive approach to joint micronutrition. 

By combining eggshell membrane with 4 other ingredients known to also have beneficial effects on joints (hyaluronic acid, Boswellia serrata extract, astaxanthin and krill meal), MOVOFLEX® helps maintain good joint health and has a rapid action on the animal's mobility, visible to dog owners after 7 days of use1. Its use is facilitated by a presentation in soft chews, very palatable for dogs and as easy to give as a treat, which promotes daily compliance with the supplementation. 

With MOVOFLEX®, we are pleased to provide, since November 2022 in France and from early 2023 for the rest of Europe, a new response to the challenges of mobility in dogs and to contribute to their well-being. 

1 Source : Nicolas et al. “Movoflex® Soft Chews Can Improve Dogs’ Mobility, According to Owners”. EC Veterinary Science 7.10 (2022): 13-21