2017/11/21 - Products

ADULT WITH SALMON NEUTERED & ENTIRE CAT received a rating of 17.5/20 from INC - 60 Millions de Consommateurs french magazine June 2017 issue

product-cat-neutered-entire-adult.pngTwo years after its launch, with a rating of 17.5/20, the VETERINARY HPM® Adult with salmon neutered & entire cat is one of the ‘best choices’ amongst thirteen dry cat foods (kibbles) tested by the INC (Institut National de la Consommation [French National Institute for Consumer Affairs]). This rating makes up for several years of development.

The National Consumer Institute (INC), a relevant public body of the Ministry of Consumer Protection, issued a reports in June on cat food in the magazine 60 million consumers. A series of tests was conducted on 13 benchmark dry foods (dry food) and 11 benchmark wet foods. To assess how well food composition meets the nutritional and sanitary requirements for the cat category used in this study (a 4 kg neutered cat), the assessment was based on, among other things, criteria established by the FEDIAF (Fédération européenne de l’industrie des aliments pour animaux familiers [European Pet Food Industry]).

With a rating of 17.5/20, Virbac’s VETERINARY HPM® Adult with salmon neutered & entire cat ranks amongst the ‘best choices’ for dry cat foods.

Since 2015, Virbac has offered a new generation of pet food products that are aligned as closely as possible with the needs of domestic carnivores.

“This 17.5/20 rating is in addition to the 16.4/20 rating given in November 2016 by UFC-Que-Choisir to the VETERINARY HPM® Adult DOG, which is one of the ‘best choices’ amongst twenty complete dog foods tested by UFC-Que Choisir. Both of these ratings are the crowning glory of the R&D research efforts put forth in the area of pet food. This is an incentive for us to continue working towards meeting the current and future needs of domestic carnivores”, said Isabelle Leriche, veterinary doctor, technical manager of nutrition. 



 VETERINARY HPM®, an innovation

With more than twenty years of expertise in cat and dog nutrition, Virbac now offers the VETERINARY HPM® pet food line resulting from the work carried out by their R&D teams. The VETERINARY HPM® range is formulated according to the carnivore’s domestic nature by adhering to the low-carbohydrate and protein-rich concept (of which 90% are of animal origin). The entire Veterinary HPM product range is produced in  France. This innovative range helps to maintain the good health of cats and dogs by reconnecting with their nutritional needs. In addition, it meets the requests of the owners in terms of quality, traceability, food safety and composition (made notably without gluten, without wheat, without corn and without soya).