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Asia: our teams support growth in canine dermatology

DAILYDERMA IN ASIA.jpgAs in other parts of the world, around 10%1 of dogs in Asia suffer from atopic dermatitis. Since 2022, our teams have been stepping up their efforts to develop our global DailyDerma program in the region. The goal? To better help Asian veterinarians optimize their dermatology practices and improve the management of skin diseases, especially complex atopic dermatitis. 

After vaccinations, canine dermatology is the number one reason for veterinary consultations. Among the most common skin diseases, atopic dermatitis can be very debilitating for the animal, affecting its well-being for the rest of its life. It is also difficult to diagnose and treat, which is why we must not only provide increasingly innovative products, but also support professionals in their daily practice. Our DailyDerma program was born out of this recognition. It offers veterinarians the opportunity to adopt a new, effective routine in their dermatology practice and to strengthen their collaboration with owners of atopic dogs by facilitating their role in monitoring the disease for better long-term management.

Our new training tools to support Asian veterinarians
Modern veterinary dermatology is an emerging discipline that draws on many areas of veterinary medicine. For example, atopic dermatitis is caused by a combination of factors, and its symptoms can vary from dog to dog, making it particularly difficult to diagnose and treat. Given this complexity, optimizing the practice of dermatology means taking a specific approach. With DailyDerma, we offer to support veterinarians in their daily practice through a wide range of products covering the major skin disease treatments, services and tools to assist in consultations, and continuing education. As Asia is currently the fastest-growing part of the world for veterinary dermatology2 , veterinarians are particularly keen to enhance their skills. That's what we've been doing since 2022.

DailyDerma: more than 3,000 veterinarians trained in Asia 
Following the DailyDerma training of our in-house teams in Bangkok in 2022 and of specialists from all Asian countries in Taiwan in 2023, our new dermatological practice routine is gradually finding its way into veterinary clinics throughout Asia. Our local teams, in coordination with Pierre Jasmin, global medical and marketing manager for dermatology, have organized a series of seminars for professionals in the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and China. Since 2023, we have shared our knowledge and methodology with more than 3,000 veterinarians.

These initiatives in Asia mark an important stage in the global rollout of our DailyDerma program, the success of which has been made possible by the remarkable mobilization of our local teams. Thanks to their investment, we are building a relationship of trust with veterinarians every day, providing them with the tools to achieve optimal and lasting results in the management of atopic dermatitis.

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