2013/08/20 - Products

Brazil: Effipro set for a promising future

effipro.pngIn summer 2012, Virbac Brazil launched Effipro, a fipronil-based external parasiticide for dogs and cats. After a year of marketing, sales are good. A look at this success with Daniela Baccarin, product manager.

What can you tell us about external parasiticides in Brazil?
They represent 25% of the companion animal market, estimated at approximately 170 million euros. With an average annual growth of 15 to 20%, this segment is largely dominated by fipronil-based products such as Frontline (Merial) and Fiprolex (Ceva). In 2012, given the potential of this segment in Brazil and after its success in Europe, Virbac decided to launch Effipro.
In early August, we gathered 150 distributors, veterinarians and sales representatives in São Paulo. There were several presentations by three representatives from the subsidiary (Clovis Souza, general manager, Marcos Moreira, business unit manager and Ludmila Aires, marketing manager) and two external speakers, one specialising in dermatology and the other in parasitology. This event featured field studies, information about the performance of external parasiticides in general and Effipro in particular, and concluded with a dinner dance.
What are the initial results?
Excellent! In 2012, we sold 20% above our sales objectives. The product was particularly well received during Pet South America 2012, the largest animal health industry congress in Latin America.
Where has this success come from?
There are many reasons. Firstly, the product’s differentiating qualities, in addition to the principle active ingredient fipronil, already recognised for its effectiveness in combating fleas and ticks: among others, convenience, safety and dosing accuracy. To promote these advantages, we conducted a national marketing campaign on all target markets, veterinarians, nurses and petowners and developed appropriate promotional materials including technical brochures, leaflets and instruction manuals, paying particular attention to the choice of colours and packaging and the species associated with the campaign visuals. Another key element was Virbac’s brand reputation on the Brazilian market which greatly benefited this launch.
Were there other factors?
Yes. Effipro’s success has resulted from the active involvement of all the subsidiary’s Sales & Marketing employees. More than six months before the launch, each regional manager was asked to analyse the market and competitor initiatives with their teams in order to create the strategic plan. We were also supported by headquarters and particularly the GPS team, which enabled us to deliver the product in mid-July. Finally, we shared with all departments their commitment to allow us to launch Effipro as a milestone in our affiliate. Thanks to this team work and our professional distribution network we succeeded to get the results established in 2012.