2014/11/01 - Products

Browse Plus: a promising acquisition

chevre.jpgAfter Multimin in 2011, Virbac RSA finalized in 2012 the acquisition of the worldwide rights to Browse Plus, a nutritional supplement for food producing animals and leader on the South African market since 1994. This acquisition by Dayle Sinclair, product manager.

What is Browse Plus?
Browse Plus is a commercial name for a composite, orally administered formula for livestock and wildlife which can be added in water or feed licks. Browse Plus is a digestive modifier, with a blend of four ingredients which has multiple modes of action. 
- Neutralizes polyphenolic (complex molecules) anti nutrients, i.e. tannins
- Counters the binding effects of tannins on a range of micro nutrients, i.e. zinc copper, selenium and cobalt, therefore making more available to animals.
- Restoration of normal gastro-intestinal function, i.e. both ruminant and mono-gastric animals by promoting the rapid restoration of rumen microbe populations. It is important to remember that rumen microbes are an important source of by-pass protein, without them, normal rumen function is impossible.
- Production benefits, i.e. weight gains as a result of increased feed intake (available plant material), as per trials conducted over the years. 
What are the product's origins? 
Browse Plus was originally produced by a Zimbabwean company, Agricura, Mike Duncan being the originator of the product. In 1994 the distribution rights for South Africa was transferred to Logos Agvet, then to Virbac RSA when the Group took over this company in 1999. In October 2012, we decided to acquire all the rights to this product from Mike Duncan.
In conclusion?
South African farmers are paying ever more attention to proper feeding of their food producing animals as the production of their farm depends on it. Furthermore, we have enjoyed significant technical support from Mike Duncan in training farmers, Vets and the sales force to ensure that Browse Plus becomes top of mind for farmers during drier times.