2017/08/10 - Products

Calf Health: Virbac boosts its expertise

vaches-veau.jpgWhether in the meat or dairy industries, quality production requires animals that are healthy from birth onward! With this in mind, Virbac has been progressively rolling out a complete Calf health management program in Europe since 2016. 

In the first two weeks of their lives, 30% of calves experience health issues, primarily diarrhea or respiratory diseases. In the latter case, the mortality rate can reach 10%. Managing calf health is a key issue particularly in terms of animal well-being but also for the profitability of a farm: animal health has a direct impact on the future quality of the meat or milk production. Optimal management of calf health is therefore necessary from birth. 

A global health approach
The approach to health is based around the four most common conditions that farmers encounter in calves: neonatal diarrhea, respiratory infections, septicemia and well-being/immunity. Virbac offers the most complete solutions possible, adapted to each of these critical stages, both through prevention via diagnostics and vaccinations, as well as treatment with rehydration products, anti-inflammatory agents or antibiotics. In particular, a vaccine against neonatal diarrhea, rounded out the Virbac portfolio in 2016. This global health solution is the first axis of the Virbac Calf health management program launched in 2016, which is being progressively rolled out in Europe.

More awareness for a better care
Strengthening the skills of veterinarians and farmers is also key. Virbac European teams are therefore encouraged to run training courses in the field dedicated to sharing good practices in connection with medical protocols. Finally, in terms of scientific communication, Virbac works closely with an international network of opinion leaders. The company also organizes a symposium dedicated to Calf health management during the EBF (European buiatrics forum), whose 2017 edition will take place in Bilbao at the beginning of October. 

Beef production: towards more quality
Raising awareness among all players in the cattle industry about calf health issues, particularly through meetings with farmers, will improve the quality of life of animals and consequently their meat and milk production. Calf health management is by the way the first part of a larger Virbac program dedicated to the health of cows, particularly dairy cows. By providing farmers with a global vision combining health solutions with good administration practices, this program positions Virbac as the partner of choice for veterinarians and farmers when it comes to calf health.