2022/03/17 - Products

Cat nutrition: Veterinary HPM® now also in chunks in gravy!

Wet_Vignette_Corpo.jpgIn order to promote the urinary health of cats, our teams have developed two new wet foods. They will soon be available to cat owners throughout Europe, as an addition to our Veterinary HPM® dry food range.

Cats' urinary health is fragile.For this small drinker, sterilization, sedentary life, overweight but also an unsuitable diet can trigger the appearance of urinary disorders such as crystals, stones or cystitis. These conditions are often recurrent and sometimes serious. Reinforcing the water intake is one of the answers to avoid this type of affections or to take care of them. 

We have therefore developed two wet diets, one for adult cats to maintain good urinary health and the other for cats suffering from urinary disorders such as stones and cystitis. These wet diets can be used alone or in combination with the corresponding Veterinary HPM®dry diet. With a formulation rich in protein, 90% of which is of animal origin, and very low in carbohydrates, our wet diets help to promote hydration and satiety in cats, maintain an ideal urinary pH and contribute to the maintenance of an optimal body condition. 

Our Veterinary HPM® chunks in gravy are available in two formulations: 
Urology Cat: for cats prone to urinary stones and cystitis, which can be used alone or in combination with our U1, U2 or U3 dry food, depending on the stage and type of urinary disorder (stones and/or cystitis) and the objective (dissolution of the stone or prevention of recurrence);
Adult Cat : for healthy adult cats, in a mixed nutrition approach, in association with Adult Cat Neutered or Adult Cat Entire & Neutered dry food, to improve hydration and thus contribute to the cat's urinary health and to the maintenance of its healthy weight.

Our wet diets benefit from the same quality as our dry foods. Composed of nearly 90% animal ingredients (pork, chicken and salmon from Europe), of high quality and high nutritional value, they are highly appreciated by cats - 8 out of 10 owners would recommend the new food (Technisens study for Virbac October 2021).

Soon available for cat owners all over Europe, our new Veterinary HPM® chunks in gravy combine the benefits of the Veterinary HPM® formulation, which respects the nature of cats as carnivores, with those of the wet form, which reinforces their hydration, thus contributing to their urinary health, their satiety and their well-being. Our teams are already working on new formulas to offer other wet foods for pets from 2023!