2022/06/01 - Products

China: personalized solutions to protect cats and dogs from parasites

Milpro_Effipro_Corpo.jpgOn the occasion of the Chinese launch of our key anti-parasite products, Milpro® and Effipro Duo®, Virbac offers an innovative approach based on personalized protocol.

In spite of a complicated context, notably because of the sanitary crisis, we made Milpro® and Effipro Duo®, our flagship antiparasitics for dogs and cats, available to Chinese veterinarians on May 27.

Whether in the country or in the city, pets are exposed to unwanted parasites on a daily basis, vectors of diseases that can affect their health and ours. At this launch, in order to promote an epidemiological risk-based approach inspired by the principles of One Health, a very innovative approach for this country, we emphasized the convergence of environmental, human and animal health issues.

Encouraging personalization to fight back 

In China, as elsewhere in the world, the risk of disease is not uniform at the collective and individual levels. Our approach to pest control is distinguished by the implementation of personalized protocols based on the study of zoonotic risks, the consideration of lifestyle determinants (urbanization, diet, access to the outdoors, etc.) and the health risk to owners (especially among vulnerable individuals such as young children, immunocompromised individuals, pregnant women or the elderly).

This original pedagogical approach in a Chinese market, rather shaped by product communications, implies personalizing the proposed antiparasitic solutions for each individual and the frequency of administration by considering the context and assessing the risk versus benefit balance.

A milestone for Virbac and for animal health and welfare in China

The launch was initially carried out by video conference with the subsidiary's employees. More than 8,000 people (customers, veterinarians, associations, etc.) joined them online in the afternoon. Several speakers (experts from ESCCAP, the European Scientific Counsel Companion Animal Parasites, professors of parasitology, heads of local associations, etc.) explained this new approach to animal health to our Chinese partners and discussed with them the problems associated with parasites in pets, supported by field studies and information on the performance of antiparasitics.

A strong ambition in China for the years to come

Sébastien Huron, the Group's CEO, also spoke at the event and unveiled the plan for future Virbac launches in China, with the ambition of entering the three main segments of the pet market: antiparasitics, nutrition and vaccines in the coming years.