2019/09/05 - Products

China: a new technology to support dental hygiene in dogs

Lancement Chine vignette 300x200.jpgA major concern for pet owners, bad breath can disrupt the close bond between pet and owner and signal deeper health issues. In 2019, for the first time ever in China, Virbac introduced dental care solutions that include FR3SH™ technology to target the oral and digestive causes of bad breath.

Today, bad breath is a source of frustration and concern for pet owners of companion animals. In addition to the fact that it hinders the close relationship between pet owners and their companion animals1, bad breath in dogs can indicate deeper health problems. It is mainly linked to oral causes (tartar, dental plaque, etc.) but can also be linked to internal issues (gastro-intestinal, renal and respiratory issues, diabetes, etc.). Bad breath is one of the first signs of poor dental hygiene that can lead to more serious and painful disorders for the animal (e.g. gingivitis, periodontal disease). If pets are not regularly taken care of, their overall health and lifespan can be affected. Thus, it is essential that pet owners take care of their animal’s dental hygiene.

According to the WSAVA (World small animal veterinary association), good dental hygiene involves periodic descaling by a professional as well as regular at-home care (tooth brushing, chew, water additive solution). This is why, Virbac has been offering solutions that help to fight dental plaque, tartar and bad breath, in particular with C.E.T® VEGGIEDENT® chews for dogs, and a VET AQUADENT® oral solution for both dogs and cats.

In China, while 82% of dogs are now medically treated (out of a population of nearly 70 million), only 30% of Chinese pet owners provide dental care to their pets2. To better deal with this problem, Virbac added FR3SH technology to existing solutions (C.E.T® VEGGIEDENT® FR3SHand VET AQUADENT® FR3SH) and made it available to Chinese pet owners in 2019. This new innovative formulation helps to fight the oral and digestive causes of bad breath, thanks to the combination of three ingredients: pomegranate, known for its antioxidant properties and ability to reduce the oral causes of bad breath, erythritol, which has a freshening action and improves dental health, and lastly inulin, a prebiotic that targets digestive causes of bad breath by helping to restore gut flora balance.

To raise Chinese pet owners’ awareness of dental hygiene importance, display tools (flyers, brochures, banners, etc.) have been set up in veterinary clinics. An online community of companion animal owners who use the VET AQUADENT® FR3SH product was also created so that everyone can give their feedback on this new formulation.

A pioneer in the dental market for over thirty years, today Virbac is asserting its expertise in this field by offering a wide range of solutions (dental kits, toothpastes, mouthwashes, chews) to veterinary clinics and animal owners. FR3SH technology, currently available in major countries in North America, Europe and Japan, will soon be offered in all of Southeast Asia and South America.


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2- ©Ipsos – Cat and Dog ownership in major urban areas of China – Designed for Virbac. 2018.