2014/07/31 - Products

Chronic kidney disease: Pronefra is different

pronefra.jpgFranceGermanySwitzerlandPortugalAustriaUnited Kingdom and Scandinavia. These were the first European countries to launch Pronefra in the first half of 2014. A presentation of this food supplement by the global marketing manager supportive care & topical hygiene.

What is chronic kidney disease (CKD)?
It is the gradual and irreversible loss of kidney functions. CKD affects up to 7% of dogs and nearly 30% of cats aged over 10 years. It is one of the main causes of death in older cats and in over 70% of cases, is reflected by clinical signs such as weight and appetite loss, dehydration or vomiting. 
What are the options?
Depending on the stage of the disease, it is possible to slow its progression and limit its effects with nutritional and/or medicinal solutions. The medications prescribed depend on the diagnosis. For example, Virbac France offers benazepril-based Benakor, frequently used in cases of CKD. Among the nutritional solutions that aim to support kidney function, the most common are an adapted diet such as Vet Complex Renal and food supplements like Pronefra. Pronefra was launched in nine European countries in January 2014, firstly with the 60 ml size for cats then in its 180 ml version, designed for cats and dogs. 
What are the benefits of Pronefra?
Primarily its palatability, thanks to the presence of chicken liver, but more generally its ease of use due to its liquid form. Pronefra is administered on the food or directly into the animal’s mouth using the syringe provided. This is a great help for veterinarians and especially owners because the solutions offered until now were not particularly, if at all palatable, and their format was much less practical (capsule, powder or paste). But Pronefra also has other benefits... 
Which are?
Pronefra is a unique product with a patented 4 in 1 formula. The calcium and magnesium carbonates (phosphate binders) which it contains are used to help slow the disease's progress. While another ingredient, chitosan can limit the level of toxins in the body which are responsible for certain clinical signs. The aim is to preserve the animal's quality of life.
And the other two properties?
Fibrosis and hypertension are common complications of the disease. Without curing or correcting them, Pronefra can help maintain a balance for as long as possible using polysaccharides of astragales and protensin which contribute to maintaining a normal renal architecture and blood pressure respectively. With its four properties, Pronefra is therefore a real advance over its competitors which cover at most two, without being palatable.
A revolutionary product?
Not far from it! By the way, in the medium-term, we want to be the market leader, while increasing the size of this market. To do so, we will continue with the expansion of Pronefra in SpainGreeceItaly and the Czech Republic by the end of the year.
To what extent?
With 5 million euros, the American kidney neutraceutical market is almost twice the size of that in Europe and there Vétoquinol has a virtual monopoly. We also want Pronefra to become the nutritional product of choice to support CKD in this country.