2009/05/25 - Products

Companion animals: Virbac is releasing a new external parasiticide onto the European market

The fruit of several years of development, Effipro® Spot On and Effipro® Spray are two Fipronil-based medicines which treat flea and tick infestations in dogs and cats.

This launch will allow Virbac to strengthen its presence in the external parasiticide sector of the market, which today represents €380 M, that is, almost one third of sales of veterinary medicine for companion animals in Europe.
In anticipation of the licence to use the Fipronil molecule, hitherto protected by patent, Virbac has been pursuing an ambitious development programme for many years. Last November, the laboratory, which is dedicated to animal health, received Marketing Authorisation allowing it now to launch its new range of parasiticide products: Effipro®.
Effipro® is expected to quickly establish itself on the external parasiticide market thanks to three key assets: a proven effectiveness in the fight against flea and tick infestations, the originality of its Spray and Spot On packaging (ready-to-use pipettes) and the flexibility of its presentation. With Effipro®, Virbac intends to offer all European veterinary surgeons a new alternative in the 1st segment of the market for companion animals in Europe.