2014/01/14 - Products

Dental: digital serving Europe marketing

evds.pngMay 2013, Prague. In partnership with the European Veterinary Dental Society, Virbac is launching the e.VDS, an application for evaluating animal dentition (scoring) and developing knowledge for veterinarians all over the world. A look at the tool’s functionalities and objectives with Alain Mondon, Global Marketing manager, companion animals parasiticides.

What is e.VDS?
This is a cross-platform (PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones) web application in English, French and soon in German offering veterinarians two dentistry functions. Firstly, dental scoring, which during a consultation with a dog or cat, allows direct reporting of the problems seen with the animal’s teeth through a succession of dedicated screens. The second functionality: using a document resource center that canbe viewed at any time, the veterinarian can identify a pathology based on available photos and immediately access the related information.
What about the benefits?
Firstly for the veterinarian, e.VDS is a real help to diagnosis. Another advantage is that the veterinarian can develop their dentistry skills in their own time. The owner benefits from better monitoring for their animal, particularly through the history of examinations, the immediate availability of consultation documents such as printed charts and greater support from the practitioner who takes more time explaining his diagnosis.
How was this project developed?
Since 2009, we have been developing a close partnership with the EVDS, the European Veterinary Dental Society. Until now, Virbac was a usual contributor to the organisation of conferences on this topic. Last May, this partnership took a new turn with the launch of the e.VDS in Prague. The idea came from the association’s president, Gottfried Morgenegg, with whom we share the objective of expanding the practice of canine dentistry to general veterinarians.
The initial results?
Extremely encouraging. Four months after the launch, we already have over 525 registrations. For the most part, this is due to proactive communication on three levels: via the technical service provider who has an email database of almost 12,000 veterinarians, through the President of the EVDS who has promoted the tool at various conferences and on Twitter, and of course, the sales in subsidiaries and at headquarters, who have developed dedicated tools. A significant enthusiasm that has already allowed us to consider developments such as the translation of the scoring component into other languages and the integration of new species such as exotic pets and horses.
Focus with Eric Hanoune, Global Marketing manager for services:
“Virbac offers its customers a wide range of services, including some which are digital and concern varied fields such as dermatology (Virbac-Derm Diag application for iPhone and iPad), biology (Virbac Individual Printing software in the United Kingdom) and nutrition (LogiNut software in France). Other projects are in progress for 2014 such as an e-learning offer for veterinarian assistants. These services aim to satisfy the primary needs of veterinarians, reinforce their technical expertise, improve their clinical management and optimise their customer relationship. The latest service, VisioCare Consult, is an application for tablets available on PC and MAC dedicated to general medicine for dogs and cats. Available since June 2013 in Spain, the United Kingdom, France and Italy, it brings together over 600 3D animations, medical imaging photos and educational videos. The tool helps the veterinarian to present the healthy or sick organ, illustrate a pathology or explain a treatment choice. It also helps the assistant to improve prevention and compliance when the products are used by the owner at home. In conclusion, here Virbac is offering the veterinary clinic a real service capable of effectively improving communication with the owner.”