2019/01/31 - Products

Dogs’ dental health: an online awareness campaign that really bites!

At the end of 2018, Virbac launched an online campaign in North America encouraging owners to consult their veterinarian about their dog’s dental health. It included a humorous video broadcasted on social networks, featuring a rubber toy that hates being chewed by a dog with bad breath.

"Bad breath is nothing to play around with." This is the key message of the awareness campaign conducted by Virbac in the United States, last semester of 2018. Available on multiple digital tools (website and mobile application, video spot broadcasted on social networks) as well as on veterinary clinic displays, it featured the new C.E.T® VEGGIEDENT® FR3SH ™ dental chews.

"Please save Mr Squeakems"

In the video, Mr Squeakems, a little lion rubber toy shed a tear as he recounts his daily ordeal of being chewed by a dog whose breath smells like "a dumpster in July". In this humorous tone, the campaign encourages owners to consult their veterinarian about their dog’s dental health. Indeed, bad breath in dogs is a common issue (1) that can reveal more serious and painful problems for the animal such as periodontal disease. The online campaign was viewed by over a million unique visitors, demonstrating the power of digital tools to enrich the relationship with pet owners.

Five Vetty awards

The "Mr Squeakems VEGGIEDENT® FR3SH ™" campaign was rewarded with 5 Vetty Awards in the last Veterinary Meeting & Expo (VMX), the annual meeting of the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC). This competition aims to reward North American marketing teams and agencies working on veterinary products and services or serving the profession. The Virbac campaign stands out in the following categories: consumer social media campaign, digital advertising, product launch (campaign), customer education video, and digital campaign.

(1) Hennet P., Delille B., Davot J.L. Oral malodor in dogs: measurements using a sulphide monitor. J Vet Dent 1995; 12:101-103