2017/05/31 - Products

Effipro® Duo: treat and prevent flea and tick infestations

In May 2016, European practitioners (France, UK and Austria) discovered Effipro® Duo, a new parasiticide used to treat and prevent tick and flea infestations in dogs and cats. The advantages of this product described by the Global Marketing manager parasiticides.

Over 70% of cats and dogs in Europe are affected by issues related to external parasites during the summer season1. Among the main effects: bites, itching and transmission of pathogens. There are two possible options when dealing with this nuisance: treatments, which reduce or even eliminate parasitic activity once the animal is affected; or prevention designed to reduce the risk of new infestation, for example by killing the parasites in the environment. 

A treatment-dominated European market 
In Europe, the external parasiticide market has pulled above 500M (company sales). It is dominated by topical products like Frontline® Combo (Merial) or Advantix® (Bayer). It is a highly-competitive market with a wide range of products: spot-on topical products, collars, and most recently, chewable tablets. On average, owners treat their animals 3 to 4 times a year2, highlights how much treatment has shaped habits. Prevention is key, since new parasites can come from the environment and not only from the animal. According to a French study conducted at the national veterinary school of Nantes2, 30% of cats seen for a consultation, even though they get treated, still present with flea problems! The solution? Combine prevention and treatment into the same product. 

Effipro® Duo, a specific formula 
Since May 2016, Virbac has made Effipro® Duo available to veterinarians; this is a spot-on fipronil-based and pyriproxifen-based solution for dogs and cats. Not only does this specific formula eliminate adult parasites once in contact with the animal, it also prevents their proliferation in the early stages of development in the domestic environment (eggs, larvae and subsequently nymphs). This is what experts and vets name integrated flea control. 

Strong ambitions
In support of this launch in France, United Kingdom and Austria, a complete communication kit has been produced in conjunction with people working locally in the Virbac subisidiaries and the Medical department: technical brochures intended for practitioners, flyers for petowners, a promotional video... In addition to their other fipronil-based (Effipro® and Effitix®) or indoxacarb-based (Activyl®) solutions, Virbac now offers, with Effipro® Duo, a broad range of spot-on products*.

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