2018/02/28 - Products

Facilitate diagnosis to better care for the animal

Speed-Reader-200X300.JPGSince 2017, Virbac has been offering veterinarians Speed ReaderTM, a blood marker dosage analyzer with a series of biomarker tests. Usable directly in-clinic, these newest additions to the diagnostic range facilitate screening of common diseases in cats and dogs and ensure better monitoring of the animal.

Confirming a clinical diagnosis before deciding on treatment, monitoring and following up on the affected animal thanks to regular exams; so many benefits that account for the growing worldwide trend towards the use of diagnostic tools in the veterinary clinic.

With the SpeedTM range, Virbac already has a set of solutions to allow the practitioner to simply and rapidly detect infectious and parasitic disease in cattle and companion animals - very useful qualitative tests to ensure, for example, that a dog is not already infected before vaccinating it against leishmaniosis. The Speed ReaderTM analyzer goes further, enabling dosage based upon five biomarkers in the cat or dog. For example, faced with prostate problems in dogs, which affect 80% of those over 5 years of age, the veterinarian may measure a protein in the blood before deciding if an ultrasound examination is required, based upon the result.

These biomarker tests also provide the veterinarian with first-line solutions, with immediate, reliable responses that facilitate diagnosis, allowing for the adjustment of treatment according to the needs of the animal and, on a broader level, to better monitor its health status.

Three tests are dedicated to the diagnosis of the most common diseases found in animals, particularly in senior animals: hyper or hypothyroidism (SpeedTM T4), Cushing’s syndrome (SpeedTM Cortisol) and benign hyperplasia of the canine prostate (SpeedTM CPSE). A fourth test (SpeedTM cCRP) measures inflammation in dogs, the response to certain treatments, and allows for detection of complications after surgery. Lastly, SpeedTM Progesterone allows for better monitoring and management of animal reproduction by determining the optimal moment for breeding or insemination.

Available in France and Italy since 2017, Speed ReaderTM and the range of biomarker tests were offered to German veterinarians beginning in January 2018 and will gradually be offered on a worldwide level.