2017/05/10 - Products

Launch of the VETERINARY HPM™ Dietetic range in Europe!

couverture_HPM-1.jpgFollowing the launch of the VETERINARY HPM™ physiological range in 2015, Virbac started from March 1st the launch of VETERINARY HPM™ dietetic for dogs and cats in Europe. A complete range still close to the nutritional requirements of carnivores and associated to the "Veterinary global care", a new global nutritional approach.





VETERINARY HPM™ Dietetic range


Each VETERINARY HPM™ dietetic product is made for the nutritional management of a specific health condition: obesity and diabetes, osteoarthritis, dermatosis, kidney disease, gastrointestinal troubles, urolithiasis.


A dietetic range, adapted to the nutritional needs of carnivores

Arrow_Nutrition_for_Carnivores.pngDogs and cats are carnivores, no matter if they are sick or healthy. This is why the new VETERINARY HPM™ dietetic range is based on the High Protein - Low carbohydrate (HP-LC) principle*, meaning a low amount of carbohydrates and a high amount of proteins, with more than 90% in average coming from animal origin. The result is nutrition that is perfectly adapted to your animal's needs. 


Veterinary Global Care: Health goes through nutrition

Arrow_Veterinary_globale_care.png"Veterinary Global Care" is a new nutritional global approach that goes hand in hand with the new VETERINARY HPM™ dietetic range. What does that imply? That products go further than the solely management of a specific health condition. The concept "Veterinary Global Care" manages the nutritional support of associated disorders of other organs or functions and contributes to improving the overall health of the animal.


* With the exception of Kidney Diet Support