2013/05/03 - Products

Neonatal calf diarrhoea in Europe: reference rapid in-practice diagnostic test improved

veau.jpgThe successful management of an outbreak of neonatal calf diarrhoea relies on the individual treatment of sick animals and the prevention of disease transmission. In this context, identification of the pathogens involved enables the vet to select the most appropriate treatment and prophylactic measures for each case.

Over the past 10 years, Speed V-Diar™ has forged itself a reputation as the ultimate rapid in-practice diagnostic test for identifying, in few minutes, the main pathogens responsible for neonatal calf diarrhoea: Rotavirus, Coronavirus, E. coli F5 (K99), Cryptosporidium parvum, and E. coli CS31A.
Today, Virbac launchs a new improved version of Speed V-Diar™, that brings this innovative technology to the patient itself, enabling on-farm testing in a matter of minutes in even the toughest of conditions. 
An "all-in-one" solution
The new Speed V-Diar™ now includes all of the reagent strips in one single test device. The reagents are positioned vertically under a transparent reading window, protected and pre-positioned for the migration phase. Being side-by-side, all of the results can be visualised simultaneously. The device is easy to hold and does not require any specific precautions, making it ideal for use in the field.
The Twist & Test™ system
Whether in an emergency or during a farm visit, a diagnostic test must be quick and easy to use to provide the practitioner with the maximum amount of time to analyse the results. With the new Speed V-Diar™, a small amount of diarrhoeic faecal sample is placed directly into the reagent tube using a pipette or calibrated spoon, depending on its consistency. The bottle of reagent is then inserted directly into the cylindrical part of the test device, designed for this purpose. The Twist & Test™ system pierces the reagent tube as the lid is tightened, thus releasing the mixture onto the reagent strips. Only 30 seconds into the test, the migration starts over all of the test strips.
A quick and reliable result
The new Speed V-Diar™ delivers a result in 15 minutes, whilst retaining the excellent sensitivity and specificity of its predecessor, which has proven its efficacy in the field for many years.
Now available in different European countries
Speed V-Diar™ is already available through Virbac affiliates in several European countries: France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Scandinavian countries. Speed V-Diar™ provides the vet with a new diagnostic tool to support their medical expertise in calf health management.