2022/02/07 - Products

Cat & Dog Nutrition: Veterinary HPM enters the US market

visuel_vignette_corpo_HPM_US.jpgUnited States: Virbac enters the pet nutrition market with the launch of a product range for neutered and spayed dogs and cats.

In the United States, while nearly 90% of cats and dogs are spayed or neutered, specialized diets for these animals are not widely available. Yet, the metabolic changes induced by spaying and neutering significantly increase the risk of obesity in our dogs and cats. Nutritional adaptation is therefore necessary to avoid weight gain and maintain muscle mass. In the United States, more than half of all cats and dogs are obese or overweight. This is why we are launching a range of foods specifically adapted to their nutritional needs (available in six formulations) on the American market, starting February 7.

At Virbac, we have been committed to animal nutrition and meeting the needs of pets for over 30 years. Today, we are continuing that commitment by bringing for the first time to veterinarians and pet owners in the United States a nutritional solution tailored to address the physiological changes that spayed and neutered cats and dogs undergo.

Spaying and neutering induce profound metabolic changes in our pets. While energy requirements decrease, appetite can increase by up to 60%, often resulting in significant weight gain. Choosing a diet tailored to the unique needs of spayed or neutered pets can make a real difference. In fact, it has been shown that diets high in protein and fiber can help pets maintain a healthy body condition and optimal weight.

In the U.S., when a pet is spayed or neutered, their diet is not usually adjusted accordingly. We aim to change that with the introduction of VETERINARY HPM® Spay & Neuter for spayed or neutered cats and dogs in the U.S. market. This line of foods tailored to their specific nutritional needs will be distributed exclusively through the veterinary channel, through clinic retail, as well as through the iVet.com shopping platform.

At Virbac, we believe that the veterinarian is the best source of advice on animal nutrition. They play an essential role in educating owners about the health impacts of overweight and poor nutrition. He is also in the best position to accompany the change of diet necessary following a spaying or neutering operation. With the launch of VETERINARY HPM® Spay & Neuter in the U.S., we aspire to support veterinary healthcare teams  in this mission with their clients while offering a tailor-made nutritional solution.  

"At Virbac, we have had tremendous success with this product in the European markets and believe in its ability to provide pet owners with the best solution for their pet's health," said François Fournier, President and CEO of Virbac North America. "We are excited to market VETERINARY HPM® Spay & Neuter foods in the U.S., as they offer pet owners a diet designed to meet the specific needs of their spayed and neutered dogs and cats."

Online shopping is widely used in the US market. To support pet owners, our VETERINARY HPM® Spay & Neuter line will be available on the recently acquired iVet.com shopping platform. Pet owners will be able to order online and have their order shipped directly to their home.

In the U.S., our VETERINARY HPM® Spay & Neuter line comes in six formulas, which also take into account the age and size needs of the pet.

Two cat formulas:

  • young
  • adult

Four dog formulas:

  • small dog/youth
  • small dog/adult
  • large dog/youth
  • large dog/adult

This major launch is part of our long-term strategy. Our ambition is to continue to develop our position in nutrition within the veterinary channel by serving in particular the American market, the world's largest market for pet food (estimated at around 1.5 billion dollars for veterinarians alone).