2024/06/19 - Products

Our food evolves to better support the oral health of small dogs

Vignette_corpo_HPM_S&T.jpgSmall dogs suffer up to five times more oral disease1 than other dogs. To nourish them while taking care of their oral health, our teams have reformulated our Veterinary HPM Small & Toy food. Launched in Europe in June, the new formula now includes a natural ingredient with proven efficacy against plaque, tartar, bleeding gums and bad breath.

Today, more than one in two dogs in the world is small (less than 10 kg) and the number is growing. Oral disease and bad breath are up to 5 times more common in small dogs than in large dogs, especially in certain predisposed breeds such as Yorkies, Poodles, Bichons and Dachshunds. In addition to the sometimes serious health consequences for the animal, these disorders can also damage the human-animal relationship, especially since small dogs are often physically and emotionally closer to their owners.

Small dog owners often pay close attention to their pet's health and appearance. Yet only one in four owners use oral care products2 on a daily basis, either out of convenience or cost. And 59% of small dogs are overweight3 due to inactivity, poor diet or sterilization. 
Our teams rethought the formulation of our Veterinary HPM Small & Toy food to meet the needs of small dogs, addressing the issue of oral and dental problems while providing a diet adapted to small dogs.

Combining high quality nutrition and oral health

Developed by our expert nutritionists, our new formula now combines the high nutritional quality of our physiological Veterinary HPM ranges, available for ten years, with multiple health benefits: weight control, skin and coat health, digestive safety and oral health. What's new? A natural ingredient, the brown algae Ascophyllum nodosum. Absorbed in the gut, Ascophyllum nodosum inhibits certain biological pathways involved in tartar formation4, providing a systemic and long-lasting solution. It has been shown5 to reduce plaque, tartar formation, bleeding gums (a sign of periodontal disease) and sulfur compounds responsible for bad breath. 

Our Veterinary HPM Small & Toy line includes three whole dog formulas and two formulas for sterilized dogs to meet the specific needs of small dogs throughout their lives and to provide appropriate nutrition after sterilization. Finally, because small dogs can be fussy eaters, we tested the palatability of our new formula to ensure optimal acceptance: 92% of small dogs liked it as much or more than their current food6!

Our teams have been pet nutrition experts for 35 years

Since the creation of Virbac, our teams have worked every day exclusively for the health of animals. Based on our 35 years of experience in animal nutrition, we formulate formulas to ensure that your pet's daily diet keeps them healthy. 

This new formulation of Veterinary HPM Small & Toy will be launched in all countries where our physiological range is already available, first in Europe, then in Japan and India, and finally in Latin America in 2025. Our Veterinary HPM Small & Toy range can be combined with the rest of our dental range (drinkable solution to be diluted in water, toothpaste, chewing flaps) for optimal care of dogs' oral health.

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