2011/04/01 - Products

Pharmapack congress: a Virbac packaging rewarded

01/02/2010. Paris - France. Pharmapack award "Home risks prevention - veterinary category" has been awarded to Milteforan, the first veterinary medicinal product intended to treat the leishmaniasis and that can be administered by oral route. 

The product is very easy to use: once a day during 28 day / 1 ml by 10 kg of weight, given with the meal. The active ingredient is miltefosine, a new molecule. The Virbac challenge was to find a system which allows the pet owner to take a dose of the product in a watertight manner in order to avoid him to be in contact with the product.
Pharmapack is the first platform for exchanges dedicated to packaging and drug delivery systems innovations for the pharmaceutical industry. The Pharmapack Awards, created in 1997, are designed to underscore the innovative drive of packaging professionals: drugs, medical devices, health products and veterinary drugs. The prizes are awarded to innovative packaging that significantly contributes to proper drug use and compliance. They are awarded by an independent jury. The Pharmapack Awards 2010 are awarded to companies who express significant product innovation in the packaging of products launched on the French market between 27 November 2008 and 15 November 2009.