2019/04/05 - Products

United Kingdom: the Veterinary HPM™ campaign wins an award!

Mid-March, Virbac was rewarded in the United Kingdom for its digital Veterinary HPM campaign by the VMA (Veterinary marketing association), which annually celebrates the best marketing initiatives in the field of animal health.

The VMA (Veterinary marketing association), a British non-profit organization, gathers more than 300 animal health professionals each year to reward marketing initiatives in this field. In each of the 16 categories, five criteria are evaluated for the best price: initial impact, audience appeal, creativity/originality, messaging, and achievement.

Vignette-2.jpg CATVMA.jpg

In 2018, Virbac submitted its application for the Veterinary HPM campaign to raise awareness among pet owners to respect the carnivorous status of dogs and cats as part of a healthy nutrition. Thanks to the humorous tone used in the campaign, Virbac intends to favor the memorization of these good practices for the benefit of animal health. On March 15, 2019 in London, Virbac won first prize in the "Integrated digital campaign" category, which rewards digital marketing campaigns (social networks, websites, etc.).

The Veterinary HPM range is a new generation of dog and cat food already available in the majority of European, Latin-American countries and Japan. It differentiates itself by a high protein and low carbohydrate formula, which enables to be closer to the nutritional needs of carnivorous throughout their lives.