2021/06/15 - Products

speed-connect.vet: making in-clinic diagnostic monitoring even easier

Speed-connect-vignette.jpgSince 2017, we have been offering European veterinarians Speed ReaderTM, an in-clinic analyzer for the determination of blood markers and a series of biomarker tests. This year, we are enriching our in-clinic diagnostic solutions with a software that allows all analyses to be collected on a single digital platform, for optimal monitoring of each animal.

Confirmation of clinical diagnosis, treatment monitoring and improved follow-up of sick animals through regular, easy to perform and reliable examinations... These are the benefits that explain the growing use of diagnostic tools in veterinary clinics worldwide. 

With the SpeedTM range, we were already offering a set of solutions for a simple and quick detection, by the practitioner, of the main infectious and parasitic diseases. Thanks to the Speedconnect software, we go even further by transforming Speed ReaderTM, the analyzer for the determination of blood markers, into a connected device.

Thanks to a simple installation, the practitioner has access to a unique and intuitive platform that gathers the personalized follow-ups of each animal. On this platform, he can now find all his patients' files, with a quick follow-up of each history, and an optimal sorting of the data on his digital profile. The veterinarian also has the possibility to create trend curves of results in order to correctly monitor their evolution. Each report of results necessary to the clinical file of an animal is available and printable from the interface.

Speedconnect is available since May 2021 in Spain, will be available in France at the beginning of the autumn and will be progressively deployed throughout the rest of Europe.