2023/10/18 - Products

USA: Virbac innovates for the treatment of Giardia duodenalis infections in dogs

Eradia.jpgOn October 11, 2023, the U.S. Food and drug administration (FDA) approved our solution for the treatment of Giardia duodenalis infections in dogs.

Giardia duodenalis is a common protozoan parasite that can infect a dog's digestive tract. Although healthy dogs can sometimes be carriers, this parasite can also cause gastrointestinal infections, most often resulting in diarrhea, which can sometimes be severe. What's more, this parasite can spread to other animals, and also has zoonotic potential, meaning it can spread to humans.

A major advance in animal treatment
Historically, U.S. veterinarians prescribed a metronidazole-based product for humans when treating animals against Giardia duodenalis. Now, however, there's a product specifically designed for dogs: in a significant step forward for innovation in animal health, on October 11, 2023 we obtained Marketing authorization (MA) in the USA for our solution to treat Giardia duodenalis infections in dogs. This FDA approval means that the treatment is recognized as safe and effective for this species, and that the product is manufactured in accordance with current quality standards in the United States.

Innovation, the driving force behind our commitment
With this registration, we consolidate our position as a pioneer in the development of pharmaceutical solutions to improve animal health. Mobilized daily by the desire to offer innovative solutions to those who care for animals every day, the marketing authorization obtained in the United States for this treatment marks a crucial step in the realization of this mission.