2016/05/02 - Products

USA: Virbac launches a new dental Diagnostic Test

OraStrip-CET.pngOn March 1, 2016, Virbac US announced the launch of the C.E.T.® OraStrip® Dental Diagnostic Test (currently distributed in the USA), the first and only test in the animal health market that detects periodontal infection in dogs, providing visual test results to support veterinarians’ dental treatment recommendations and enhance client compliance.

For 25 years, the Virbac C.E.T.® Brand of Products has been a leader in veterinary dental health,” said Kathleen Fleck, Dental Marketing Manager for Virbac US. “We are proud to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to bring exemplary dental health products to our veterinarians, their patients, and to pet owners. The C.E.T. ® OraStrip® Test further enhances our portfolio of products to do so.

We are excited to provide veterinarians with an innovative, early detection diagnostic test that quickly, accurately, and conveniently provides visual evidence of active canine periodontal disease. It can help stop irreversible damage by providing diagnostic insight at an early stage, allowing the veterinarian to take immediate corrective action. It also helps increase compliance when the pet owner can see test results that confirm evidence of disease, and follow through with treatment recommendations,” said Ms. Fleck.

Periodontal disease can affect dogs as young as five months, and is the only disease in dogs that is historically identified only visually. Currently, the standard of care for veterinarians to assess the dental health of their patients is to “flip the lip,” in a visual awake exam (VAE). Unfortunately, by the time periodontal disease is identified through a VAE, it is often too late and the disease has progressed to the point where it is painful and invasive, and expensive steps need to be taken to combat disease progression. Early detection is key to helping stop irreversible damage.

Additionally, early detection of periodontal disease with the C.E.T.® OraStrip® Dental Diagnostic Test helps veterinarians in their discussions with pet owners about the importance of at-home dental care and in-clinic dental treatments.