2016/03/01 - Products

VETERINARY HPM: Virbac’s new generation Pet food!

HPM-CHAT-300X200.jpgVirbac commercializes a new hyper premium nutritional concept for dogs and cats! 

Over the last months, Virbac has progressively launched its new range Veterinary HPM™ for cats and dogs in more than ten European countries (Denmark, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Spain…).

Veterinary HPM™ provides a new nutritional balance for dogs and cats: high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Its formulation is as close as possible to the natural needs and preferences of carnivores with, on average, 30% more proteins and 40% less carbohydrates* as in maintenance adult cat and dog dry food. 
It is suitable for all breeds, sizes and physiological conditions. It is also formulated without most of the main common allergens such as gluten, maize, wheat, beef, eggs and soya. 

HPM-Chien.jpgVeterinary HPM™ targets ten major preventative areas in pets such as body and weight control, skin and coat support, digestive safety…
The range is exclusively promoted through the veterinary channel, thus enhancing the role played by practitioners in preventative care. 

Virbac’s ambition is then to launch its new generation of nutrition outside of Europe, in geographical areas such as Latin America, Asia…, and accelerating growth in this strategic segment. 

All information and products of the Veterinary HPM™ physiological range can be found on Virbac France's website and will soon be available on most of the countries’ websites. 


*Average protein and carbohydrate amounts in maintenance adult cat and dog dry food, commercialized in Europe. Internal analysis carried out in France, September 2015 - Comparison data collected via official product websites.