2023/02/02 - Products

Virbac advances rotavirus prevention in swine farming

Vignette_corpo_suigen_rota_coli.jpgRotavirus is one of the main agents causing diarrhea in piglets1. Since December 2022, our teams have been providing industry professionals in France and Germany with the very first rotavirus vaccine registered for pigs, enabling the immunization of newborn piglets via their mother’s colostrum.

Rotaviruses are highly contagious and often endemic on farms. They cause diarrhea in piglets in the maternity ward, mortality rates that can be high and, in the best of cases, reduced growth in the animals. This is a major challenge for farmers on a daily basis, involving more labor and often antibiotic treatment. Prevention, diagnosis and early treatment are therefore essential to limit the spread of the virus and its impact on the farm. 

However, until last year, there were no preventive medical solutions with a marketing authorisation for pigs in France and Germany. To control the spread of the virus, farmers had to rely on biosecurity measures such as quarantine of new animals, strict hygiene procedures (e.g. frequent cleaning of all surfaces and equipment) and sometimes the use of preventive solutions for other species.

Protecting from the first days of life

Since December 2022, our teams have offered in France and Germany the first vaccine for sows containing the rotavirus valence. It protects newborn piglets against diarrhea caused by rotavirus, by immunizing them via the colostrum of the vaccinated mother. Vaccination of sows thus makes it possible to limit the impact of diarrhea on the farm, while helping to minimize the use of curative treatments and the associated risk of antibiotic resistance.

To support this new solution, our teams are working hand in hand with pig farmers and veterinarians to implement good prevention practices and provide diagnostic solutions. This launch underlines our desire to meet the needs of professionals in the pig industry by providing preventive solutions to farm health problems.

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