2022/06/30 - Products

Virbac expands neutering methods for male cats

visu_corpo_vignette_EVSSAR.jpgAlthough neutering of pets is sometimes essential, methods are evolving to meet new societal expectations. At Virbac, we offer the Suprelorin® implant, a reversible medical neutering solution. Used since 2007 for male dogs, Suprelorin® obtained on June 14, 2022, an extension of its marketing authorization in the European Union for use in male cats and prepubescent bitches. The extension of its application offers veterinarians new solutions to better adapt to the expectations of owners and the needs of their animals.

Carros, France - June 30, 2022 

Surgical castration has long been the only option for neutering pets. It is used to control the population of stray animals, prevent certain diseases and manage undesirable behavior. However, it is a definitive act which, in some countries, is sometimes perceived by owners as disrespectful of their pet's well-being or body integrity and even prohibited by law, in the absence of medical reasons. Our goal at Virbac is to provide veterinarians and owners with additional neutering solutions to better meet the specific needs of each animal and societal expectations. 

A major advance in veterinary care

Suprelorin® is a contraceptive implant. It is inserted by the veterinarian via a subcutaneous injection in the folds of skin located between the neck and the lumbar region. This sustained-release implant contains an agonist of the Gonadotropin-Releasing hormone, deslorelin. It allows the induction of temporary infertility: its mechanism of action suspends the secretion and release of sex hormones (luteinizing hormone, testosterone or estradiol and progesterone), for a period of time that varies according to the formulation and the target species. 

An additional neutering option

Suprelorin® has been available since 2007 for the neutering of male dogs. Since June 14, 2022, it is also registered in the European Union for male cats and prepubertal bitches. In sexually mature male dogs, Suprelorin® induces temporary infertility. In male cats, the implant can be used from the age of 3 months to temporarily suppress fertility, but also sexual behaviors such as libido, vocalisation, urinary marking and aggressiveness, and the male cat urine odour. In bitches, the implant is used before puberty (between 12 and 16 weeks of age), to delay the onset of heat and to avoid early pregnancy in immature bitches. 

"With Suprelorin, we are pleased to provide an additional neutering option that better suits the needs of the animal. We want to encourage owners to explore with their veterinarian the different options available before making a decision," says Christelle Speiser-Fontaine, Global Marketing & Medical Manager at Virbac. 

In all cases, it is the owner's responsibility to make an informed decision. If neutering is deemed necessary, the veterinarian will be able to advise on the most appropriate method.