2024/01/23 - Products

Virbac shampoos for dogs and cats get a makeover!

shampoos.jpgOur range of dermatological (AKI) and hygiene (Allerderm) shampoos has been redesigned to limit ecological impact and simplify use for pet owners. The new packaging is now made from recycled plastic, while the innovative formulations, which have been constantly improved over the last few decades, remain unchanged.

Well-known to veterinarians since the 1980s, Virbac's topical products, notably the Allerderm range, revolutionized pet care from the outset by offering shampoos adapted to different skin disorders, and specially designed for dogs and cats, at a time when veterinarians still only had dermatological products for humans at their disposal. 

It was essential for our teams to preserve our most recent formulations, whose proven efficacy has won the confidence of veterinarians. The challenge was therefore to optimize our range to better meet today's expectations in terms of sustainable development and ease of use. 

This has now been achieved: the new packaging for our AKI and Allerderm shampoos has been designed to simplify day-to-day use by pet owners, with more practical bottles that are easy to handle with just one hand. According to our initial test results, 95% of pet owners find our new packaging easy to use. What's more, all our new bottles are now made from 100% recycled plastic.

Convinced of the environmental benefits of our new packaging, we have also adopted the use of recycled plastic for Epiotic, our flagship ear cleaner for dogs and cats.  

Our range of topicals (AKI veterinary shampoos and Allerderm range), redesigned to be both animal- and planet-friendly, offers several care and hygiene products for dogs and cats, for regular use: shampoos for normal, sensitive or dry skin, Allerderm foam cleanser, a no-rinse cleansing foam compatible with all skin types, and Allerderm Spot-on, our "skin repair" solution for all skin types prone to dermatological disorders, or for maintenance skin nutrition.