Committed to animal health

75% of new infectious diseases in humans are of animal origin. This figure points to the crucial role animal health plays in our society, at the center of major health, environmental and biodiversity issues. At Virbac, employees are fully aware of the importance of animal health to food safety as well as to the quality of the relationship between owners and their animals. This awareness is a driving force behind all teams that work daily to design, produce and provide health solutions tailored to the needs of veterinarians, farmers and pet owners.


To meet the changing needs of health professionals implies first to be innovant. To enhance today’s products, design those of tomorrow but not only! At Virbac, services, methods and organizations evolve on a regular basis, thanks to the emergence of new ideas and the ability to implement them, with clear benefits for all those who care for animals. Therefore, Virbac offers each employee, no matter their position, a work environment in which they can freely express their ideas and be heard. That is what Virbac expects of them: ingenuity and pragmatism.


Another key component of creating value for veterinarians, farmers and pet owners: the close relationship that Virbac builds and maintains with them, all around the world. It allows Virbac to get as close to animal health professionals as possible in order to listen to them and understand their daily needs. It fosters collaboration across the company in order to advance as a team with strength and conviction. It contributes to supporting useful solutions for simpler, more efficient business practices. A unique human relationship, shared by those in all company positions, which plays a part in shaping the future of animal health.

Experiencing a unique human adventure

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