2016/05/09 - Career

Andres Engelbreit appointed Latin American area director for Virbac


Virbac announces the appointment of Andres Engelbreit as Latin American area director as of January 1, 2016. In conjunction with the business development, innovation and global marketing teams, Andres Engelbreit’s missions are to increase the Virbac’s market share in Latin America and improve its profitability in the area in a lasting way. He has been a development director in the area since 2012.


Andres Engelbreit’s role is to guide and accompany the teams in the various Latin American countries in achieving these objectives. He works with each one to optimise its marketing plan and commercial policy. He will also identify potential acquisitions that might revitalise the Group’s growth in the area. Andres Engelbreit is also responsible for extending the product range into new markets, adapting existing lines and launching new products.

We’re relying on Andres’ previous experience and his knowledge of Latin America to expand Virbac in the region. His skills will be valuable to us in conquering this market and better understanding its needs and expectations for products and services”, said Sébastien Huron, member of the executive board, director of global business operations at Virbac.

Andres Engelbreit is an agricultural engineer. He has 24 years of experience, 15 as a company managing director and director, and seven in managerial and marketing positions in a mixed agricultural company. From 1999 and 2008, Andres worked for Intervet, first as a managing director in Chile and then, starting in 2006, as a regional manager in charge of Southern Cone of Latin America. He joined Virbac in 2009. He has worked successively as a managing director of Virbac Spain and Virbac Portugal (from 2009 to 2012) and as a development director in Latin America. In this position, he was responsible for identifying the top opportunities for mergers and acquisitions in the Latin American area. He was also responsible for expanding aquaculture in the area and he had the responsibility over some export countries (Perú, Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay).