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Virbac: Olivier Charmeil co-opted by the board of directors

2024/01/24 - Career

Olivier_Charmeil_150x200.jpgVirbac announces the appointment of Olivier Charmeil as a new member of the board of directors with effect from December 21, 2023. He replaces Olivier Bohuon, permanent representative of OJB Conseil, within the board of directors and the appointments and compensation committee. 

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André Mathieu appointed director of Global Industrial Operations, Supply Chain and Sourcing

2023/07/03 - Career

Mathieu_André.gifFrom July 2023, André Mathieu, appointed director of Virbac's Global Industrial operations, Supply chain & Sourcing since January 2, 2023, will join Virbac’s Group executive committee.

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Virbac: Manuela Rodriguez appointed CSR (Corporate social responsibility) director

2023/05/31 - Career

Rodriguez-Manuela.gifVirbac announces the appointment of Manuela Rodriguez as CSR director, effective April 3, 2023. Her main mission will be to develop and manage the Group's CSR strategy. 

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Tools to build your career at Virbac

2023/05/16 - Career

Corpo_new competencies & development guide.jpgTwo new tools have been introduced this year: the job catalog and competency framework, to enable everyone to play an active role in their professional development.

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New training methods: a key success factor

2023/04/25 - Career

Corpo_gamelearn&gofluent.jpgEach year, 77% of our employees across all categories and countries receive at least one training course. This is in particular thanks to a serious gaming platform and a language training interface that allow each employee to learn at his or her own pace. 

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Careers: Boost your mobility at Virbac

2023/04/20 - Career

Boost your mobility.jpgIn 2023, at Virbac, we developed the "Boost your mobility" portal, an initiative that allows our employees around the world to explore internal opportunities.

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Giovanni Abruzzini named president and CEO of Virbac North America

2023/03/27 - Career

Abruzzini_Giovanni.jpgVirbac announces Giovanni Abruzzini’s appointment as president and CEO of Virbac North America, effective March 27, 2023. His main mission is to lead and develop all North American Virbac activities, in line with our Group’s global strategy. 

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Great Place To Work® workshops: local practices in the spotlight!

2022/12/15 - Career

Handicap Vignette 300x200.jpgBetween May and June 2022, some thirty employees from each of our subsidiaries met for international Great Place To Work® workshops to discuss the local employee experience and best practices within certified companies. 

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Sophie Favini appointed head of Global Business Operations for Virbac

2022/09/30 - Career

Sophie-Favini-1.jpgVirbac announces the appointment of Sophie Favini as the Group's new head of Global Commercial Operations. Previously the executive vice-president of Virbac's USA Commercial Operations, Sophie Favini, based in Westlake, Texas, replaces Hubert Trentesaux who has retired.

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Launch of Workday Learning

2022/06/15 - Career

vignette_ONE.jpgIn June 2022, Virbac decided to deploy the Learning part in Workday at group level, an agile solution that also meets local requirements. 

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Great Place to Work: strong progress in results

2021/10/14 - Career

GPTW_300x200.jpgA nice evolution of our new worldwide internal opinion survey.

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Whistleblowing system: provision of a new Group platform

2021/06/01 - Career

format_vignette_corpoRA.jpgThe "" tool made available to all teams worldwide.

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Newcomers digital programme: a better way of sharing the corporate culture

2019/08/02 - Career

Digital Newcomers 300x200.jpgIn early June, Virbac launched a digital program dedicated to all new employees. Objective: within the first weeks of their arrival, build a common foundation of knowledge about the Group, its operations and its corporate culture.

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Disability: fostering job retention

2019/04/18 - Career

Handicap Vignette 300x200.jpgAs part of its diversity policy, Virbac has been conducting concrete actions for the recruitment, better integration and job retention of workers with disabilities since 2014 in France.

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Virbac United States announces Eric Bonner as vice president of Industrial Operations

2018/04/17 - Career

Eric Bonner-resize200x259.pngVirbac United States announced that Eric Bonner has been named vice president of Industrial Operations.

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Sébastien Huron officially takes office as chairman of the Virbac group executive board

2017/12/21 - Career

Sébastien Huron.jpgYesterday, Virbac’s supervisory board officially appointed Sébastien Huron as chairman of the Group’s executive board. Sébastien Huron succeeds Éric Marée, chairman of the executive board for the past 18 years, who has retired. 

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Virbac appoints Sophie Favini as executive vice-president of US commercial operations

2017/09/14 - Career

Sophie-Favini-1.jpgVirbac announces the appointment of Sophie Favini as executive vice-president of US commercial operations. Based in Fort-Worth (Texas), she is effective in her role since July 13, 2017. Sophie Favini is now in charge of leading, developing and overseeing all US Sales, Marketing and Technical Services functions in order to increase the business activity of the subsidiary.
Virbac also announces the appointment of Colin Meyers as vice-president of sales. These two appointments will help Virbac achieve a sustainable growth in the US. 

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Virbac group: Sébastien Huron will become the new chairman of the executive board as of December 2017

2017/06/23 - Career

Virbac has announced the supervisory board’s intention to appoint Sébastien Huron as chairman of Virbac’s executive board, as of next December, when the mandate of the current chairman of the executive board, Éric Marée, expires. 

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Marie-Paule Porte appointed Group general counsel at Virbac

2016/08/30 - Career

Marie-Paule_Porte.jpgVirbac announces the appointment of Marie-Paule Porte as Group general counsel. Member of the strategic committee and the Comex France, in charge of legal matters at a global level, she provides support to the executive board and area directors in relation to strategic decisions they take.

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Habib Ramdani appointed chief financial officer at Virbac and member of the executive board

2016/06/29 - Career

Ramdani_Habib.jpgVirbac announces the appointment of Habib Ramdani as chief financial officer. Appointed to the executive board on June 23, 2016, Habib has overseen all financial activities of the Group since taking office on May 2, 2016, reporting directly to Éric Marée, chairman of the Virbac group executive board.

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Andres Engelbreit appointed Latin American area director for Virbac

2016/05/09 - Career


Virbac announces the appointment of Andres Engelbreit as Latin American area director as of January 1, 2016. In conjunction with the business development, innovation and global marketing teams, Andres Engelbreit’s missions are to increase the Virbac’s market share in Latin America and improve its profitability in the area in a lasting way. He has been a development director in the area since 2012.


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Changing views on disability

2016/01/20 - Career

picto-handicap.jpgAs well as gender equality, age equality, now it's the turn of disability.
As part of its diversity policy in France, at the end of 2014 Virbac signed an agreement with its social partners on this important theme within the company. Details of the content of this agreement with the diversity manager for France.

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Jules Minke joins Virbac as biological R&D director for the Group

2015/11/06 - Career


Virbac announces the appointment of Jules Minke as Group biological Research and Development director. Jules Minke’s main task going forward is to coordinate and supervise all R&D activities and global teams involved in Virbac’s biological projects. He will also monitor regulatory activities in this area.

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Virbac appoints Steven Buchholz vice president, Quality & Compliance in the USA

2015/09/08 - Career


Virbac announced that Dr. Steven Buchholz has been appointed to the position of vice president, Quality & Compliance of Virbac U.S.

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Virbac appoints Francesca Cortella as head of group Human Resources department

2015/08/03 - Career


Virbac has announced the appointment of Francesca Cortella as head of its group Human Resources department. Francesca Cortella will join the Strategic Committee and Executive Committee for France. 

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Newcomers international: the platform for Virbac culture

2015/05/26 - Career

170. This is the number of newcomers joining Virbac subsidiaries who, since 2009, have taken part in the induction programme organized at headquarters by the Corporate Communications, in addition to local sessions. What are the benefits of this programme? Answers from the internal communications manager.

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Virbac Mexico: Virbac increases its global production capacity with its new site

2014/11/18 - Career

Mexico_Virbac.jpgFollowing the opening of the new Virbac 8 site for production of sterile injectable forms at Carros near Nice, Virbac is unveiling the production site at Guadalajara (Mexico), which also specialises in sterile injectable forms.

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Take your talent into new territories

2014/11/17 - Career


Formalize an employer message to support the company's international growth. This is the objective of Virbac. Details from the Head of Corporate Human Resources.

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Virbac & V.I.E.: a win-win contract

2014/02/03 - Career

In five years, the number of V.I.E. (Volunteer for international experience) contracts at Virbac has more than doubled. How is this trend explained? Explanations of the HR generalist in charge of recruiting the V.I.E. for the Company.

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Diversity: a well established policy

2013/06/01 - Career

Interview with the Human Resources and diversity manager.

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Gender equal opportunity: an agreement signed

2012/11/01 - Career

Virbac signs an agreement in France for gender equal opportunity in June 2012. An initial action which resulted in the diversity policy launched in 2011. Details of this agreement with the corporate reward manager.

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VSA: improving the effectiveness of the sales force

2012/10/10 - Career

Virbac signs an agreement in France for gender equal opportunity in June 2012. An initial action which resulted in the diversity policy launched in 2011. Details of this agreement with the corporate reward manager.

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Recruitment: enhancing support for managers

2012/10/01 - Career

Last September, twenty managers took part in a “successful recruitment” training session at headquarters organised by the Human Resources department. Objective? Share the different stages of the recruitment process. Explanations from the Talent manager.

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