2013/06/01 - Career

Diversity: a well established policy

Interview with the Human Resources and diversity manager.

What about diversity at Virbac?
In 2009, Virbac signed a charter promoting non-discrimination and diversity recognised by the High Authority against Discrimination and Exclusion. Then in the first half of 2011, a cross-department project team was set up in order to formalise a policy in France aimed at optimising the company’s performance and human resources management through the diversity of its employees and strengthen our role as a responsible company promoting equal opportunities.
How did you go about it?
Firstly, an external audit assessed Virbac’s processes and best practices in this area. Three areas for improvement were identified, namely, gender, disability and intergenerational equality. An internal audit then corroborated these results and identified another area for improvement, the diversity of origins and cultures. Today, a dialogue with social partners adds to this initial diagnosis in order to formalise the agreements and adapt HR processes.
The initial actions?
After agreements on part-time work (3% in 2006 and 6% in 2009) and gender equal opportunity (2012), the “Seniors” agreement of 2009 should be renegotiated by the end of 2012. This will be followed by measures on the integration of disabled people. In addition, the audit results and the associated action plan will be presented at the end of the year.