2022/12/15 - Career

Great Place To Work® workshops: local practices in the spotlight!

Handicap Vignette 300x200.jpgBetween May and June 2022, some thirty employees from each of our subsidiaries met for international Great Place To Work® workshops to discuss the local employee experience and best practices within certified companies. 

In order to develop our quality of life at work and in the continuity of the internal actions already carried out, areas of improvement in line with our corporate culture have been identified and action plans have been implemented to continue to move us forward.

Recognition and participative management: a shared reflection at international level

Following the exceptional contribution of Group employees to the Great Place to Work® internal opinion survey in June 2021 (91.2% participation), 100 employees volunteered to take part in the GPTW France workshops and proposed concrete action plans to the members of the France Committee for each of the four priority areas defined at the end of the survey: Well-being at work, Recognition, Safety culture and Participative management.

As a continuation of our improvement process, in May 2022, international workshops were organized to identify, for each of the major themes, the best practices in use within our subsidiaries (mentoring in Germany, conferences on healthy habits in Mexico, local ethics committee in Brazil, "Star Meet" event in Vietnam, etc.). 

At the end of these facilitated workshops, all the content was collected and consolidated in compendiums to be shared with all participants: a Group-wide collaborative approach to define concrete and targeted action plans. 

In June, new GPTW workshops were organized. During these sessions, the content of our two main themes (participative management and recognition) was voted on to select one or more best practices for global deployment. 

One initiative (peer-to-peer feedback) that relates to both themes was selected for global deployment. During the second half of 2022, a working group of international employees defined the objectives and structured the initiative for a Group-wide roll-out in the first quarter of 2023.

These best practices enable our employees to develop continuously and promote cross-functional collaboration to make the most of our cultural, generational and gender differences around the world.